Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Technology has evolved over the years and is the future for every business today. Lots of people on the Internet are constantly looking for information on how to make the most of technology, especially to improve their businesses. Being a blogger in this field and positioning yourself as someone with a wealth of knowledge in technology will attract a ton of readers. This will help improve your online authority and attract more visitors to your blog. We have put together a number of blogs that accept guest posts, to help you get started on expanding your reach in the technology niche. This will not only give you an audience but will also improve your knowledge of technology and related topics.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine that provides quality, reliable, useful, and practical articles for web designers and developers. This helps improve productivity in addition to web design and development skills for many. Writers are encouraged to share the tips and tricks that have helped them on their journey or their experiences on a project they worked on.

Articles can be in the form of Tutorials, Opinions, Ultimate Guides, and Case Studies and should be written for professional web designers, developers and people in related fields. You need to propose an outline to them to get approval before you can write. More details on the process of writing for this magazine can be seen in the guidelines.


Sitepoint is a platform that gives web professionals the opportunity to share their passion and experience with projects with other professionals like them. This includes developers, designers, programmers, product creators, and entrepreneurs alike.

To write for this blog, you will have to work closely with the editors. You will first be engaged in a peer review program to assess your skills, after which you will constantly communicate your work with the editors via Trello, Github, Emails or via any preferred medium. You are required to proofread your article and stick to deadlines. The guidelines page contains more details on copyright, author documentation and your bond with the editors.

Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an industry that provides content on the social media industry, including tips and tricks to maximize social media for businesses and individuals. This includes the most recent news and information on digital marketing and the best practice to leverage on social media.

To write for this blog, you can either be a committed contributor or a casual contributor. As a committed contributor, you are required to write consistently while committing to at least one post in a month. This program also comes with its benefits. On the other hand, as a casual contributor, you simply send your content and don’t have to commit to a monthly contribution. You must have perfect grammar and strong writing skills with writing or blogging experience in order to be considered. Visit the guidelines page for details on how to submit.


Technically focuses on growing communities for tech lovers and enthusiasts through their news, events, and services. Their audience include technologists, entrepreneurs, and people who are generally interested in all things tech.

They are constantly looking for writers willing to report trends or share personal stories to engage readers. They also help amplify the voices of underrepresented people in the tech industry, including women and people of color. Simply pitch your idea to them via the form embedded on the guidelines page to get started.


Techwyse is a blog consisting of a team of avid internet marketers that deal with Strategy and Consulting, Creative Design, Traffic Building, and Measurement among other related topics. They accept guest posts around topics such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Website Design, Website Analytics, and more.

Articles should be at least 1000 words, original and of good quality, with proper reference to sources. Embed graphics, illustrations, photos, or screenshots to make the post more appealing to readers. You are also required to engage with the tech community on their platform, especially within the comments. The guidelines page contains article samples to help you understand better what is required of you. Simply contact them with your post and you will get access to their dashboard to get started.

Wonder Of Tech

Wonder Of Tech is a blog for tech lovers or anyone interested in the technology industry, as it helps people learn about the latest trends in technology in the simplest way.

To write for this blog, you are required to send at least three topic ideas to help ensure you aren’t repeating content or writing outside the blog’s niche. Topics should revolve around Apps, Websites, Gadgets, Social Media Tips, and Helpful Tech Tips. Articles should be a minimum of 750 words with images attached separately when submitting. Other requirements, tips on how to pitch your ideas, and how to submit are explained in the guidelines.

Make Tech Easier

Make Tech Easier shares computer tips and tricks for the average lover of computers. Topics include troubleshooting, optimizing operating system performance, simplifying tasks, software review and more. The goal for them is to simplify everything so that anyone can understand, whether or not they are a geek.

If you are familiar with how computers work, this is the blog to jump on. You are required to write a 500-800 word article every week if you choose to be a regular contributor. You should also have a good knowledge of WordPress and how to take great screenshots that can be embedded perfectly as images on the blog. For more details on how to apply, check the guidelines page.

Cloud Tech

Cloud Tech is for everyone interested in cloud computing strategy and technology, as it contains quality content from industry professionals. This includes CIOs, Industry Experts, and other Tech Leaders. Topics include Industry news analysis and comment, Cloud strategy and adoption advice for SMEs and enterprise business, Virtualization considerations and new technology.

The article must be of good quality and should deliver practical and strategic advice that will be beneficial to the public. The guidelines contain more details on what is expected and how to submit.

Marketing Tech News

Marketing Tech News is a community of professionals interested in marketing strategy and technology. They are constantly looking for guest writers who are thought leaders or professionals in their field, willing to share their ideas and experiences with others.

Topics should revolve around Strategic advice, Industry comment and social media analysis, Branding, Messaging,  Relationship building, Campaign creation, New technologies, and more. More details and how to submit can be seen on the guidelines page.

Tech Walls

Tech Walls is a blog for everything related to technology and the internet. Articles written for this blog must be original, of good quality, and at least 600 words in length. Topics should revolve around technology news, instructions, make money online, SEO, WordPress and blogging tips. As a committed writer, you are required to write between 4 and 20 articles monthly. Every other thing you need to know, including how to submit are on the guidelines page.


These blogs are the fastest way to improve your online authority as a tech professional or enthusiast. Simply follow their guidelines and watch your audience grow, which would be an added benefit to your blog or business. Technology is constantly evolving, so there is a tiny chance of ever running out of content or audience.

If you don’t have the time to do this, we have a guest posting service that you can take advantage of. Also, if you have a blog that accepts guest posts, feel free to contact us to include it in this list.

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