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Give your website an impressive SEO boost by getting edu links from .edu sites that have been around long enough on the web to gain authority and trust from Google. Thrive on the web and make the most of your business, by ranking higher with EDU backlinks.

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Education Backlinks Services FAQ

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about EDU Links

.EDU Domains: What does it mean?

EDU is a sponsored top level domain (sTLD) that is allowing business owners to target a specific community or even the whole audience served by the domain. The registrants of the .edu domains have to be United States affiliated institutions or higher education, post Penguin era.

What are .gov backlinks?

Gov backlinks are slightly tougher to attain. Important domains used by federal, state, and municipal governments in the United States and many countries worldwide. High ranked members moderate these pages. Google more than likely treats this cosign to the highest degree. Indexing for your website will take priority over your competitors.

Do you build EDU backlinks in blog comments?

Unlike many other EDU backlink services we do not provide EDU backlinks via blog comments. There are some reasons why those blog comments will damage your website’s ranking rather than improve it. The first is that those blog comment sections on .edu domains where your link will be posted have a huge amount of other unrelated external links. Second reason is that 95% of the EDU backlinks built per blog comments will be no-follow ones which means they do not inherit any kind of authority or trust to your website. In addition only a mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks shows Google a natural link building process and backlink diversity. The last reason which underlines the disadvantages of blog comments on .edu domains is that your website can get penalized by Google. Many webmasters/moderators are deleting those blog comments, because they do not contain any content related to the blog post itself. Google can detect this non-existent content-relation as well, classifies it as spam and decreases your ranking without hesitation if a certain amount of such links is pointing to your website.

Why should I choose your EDU backlink service?

EDU backlinks are an important key to reach a successful Search Engine Optimization of your website. TrafficBox provides EDU backlinks on high authority domains at an affordable price. We offer EDU backlinks on careful selected domains with high authority and guarantee a high do-follow ratio as well. In addition our EDU link building campaigns come with a detailed report after completion, so you can be sure that you will receive only the highest quality. We offer packages for all businesses. If you’re serious about improving your rankings, choose one of our EDU link building campaigns and watch your ranking improve. EDU backlinks will give you the edge you need to make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions – If your question is still unanswered please do not hesitate to contact our support team!

What are EDU Backlinks?

EDU backlinks, also known as education backlinks, are links obtained on website domains with .edu extension and these websites are officially for schools, universities, and other academic institutions. Having these backlinks for your website is a great way to boost your site’s domain and authority, due to the high quality of these links that show value and trust.

At TrafficBox, we know how valuable the premium .edu domains are and how they can be used to build powerful backlinks to rank up websites and pages on search engines. The more education backlinks you get for your website, the higher trust it will get from Google, which will, in turn, improve your authority, traffic, and rankings in your niche.

Why are EDU Backlinks Powerful?

Unlike other links, what makes EDU links the high-quality link and gamechanger for many pages on Google today? Most people believe it is because they are .edu domains but it is beyond that. They are known to have true value, as they are viewed as authoritative sites by Google, due to several reasons, some of which include:

They are Aged

Many of these sites have been around for a long time on the web and do not disappear after a while like many other websites. They have been around long enough to build authority and reputation with Google. They have also had many valuable, trusted, and quality websites and EDU guest posts linking to them, with lots of pages listed in the Google index over time. Some of these websites have been on the web for decades and still have decades ahead of them, which makes Google view them as authoritative.

They Have High-quality Content

High-quality content is one of the key things Google looks out for and you will find them on these .edu websites. They have well-detailed scholarly content that is trusted by Googe due to the amount of work put into it. Anyone can start a blog or a website today but won’t put in the work to deliver quality content, unlike .edu websites that are deliberate about content.

They Have Quality Backlinks

These education websites have other sites that link back to them due to their high-quality content, which makes them gain more credibility from Google. Their backlinks are not created from link schemes, which are intended to manipulate a site’s Google ranking. Neither can anyone easily buy .edu links like they would some others. Rather, they are carefully curated with high content standards and editorial guidelines, due to the reputation they try to maintain.

How to to Get EDU Backlinks with TrafficBox?

EDU Backlinks are not as straightforward as other backlinks, as these are authority sites that aren’t actively looking for sites like yours to feature. It requires a proper strategy to get your content to be featured on their websites and below. We already have access to some top EDU sites that we can easily submit your links to but here are a few other ways we can also help you get EDU backlinks.

Offering Scholarships

Offering scholarships is often a smart way to get your links on a .edu site, as it benefits both the college and the students. It also helps you to establish relationships with these academic institutions. If you sign up with TrafficBox to get started on this, we will research educational institutions and check vital information, such as what the institution is about, the number of visitors it gets, and if it has a community. We can reach out to the community if they have one and make an offer. We can choose to provide .edu resources to students based on your niche in return for backlinks. We can check if the site has a column dedicated to External/Outside Scholarships and confirm if the link to your scholarship can be featured.

Providing Discounts

If your brand has products or services that can be useful to students or the faculty and staff of these institutions, you can make a discount offer. We won’t necessarily have to exchange discounts for .edu links but will rather reach out to the authorities to inform them of the offer your brand is making and they would gladly link to your website if they like the offer. To make the best of this option at TrafficBox, we can ensure we align your niche with the specific institution it most likely matches with. For example, if you sell sports-related products, we can look for a sports institution for you and make this offer to them. Also, if your business is locally based, we can reach out to local academic institutions to get a more effective result.

Creating Resource Pages

We can help you set up a valuable resource page on your website that educational websites would be willing to link to. If you have value to offer on your website, many other websites would gladly link to it. We can start by targeting a department that is relevant to your niche and create in-depth content around it. We can then reach out to several .edu websites to see if they have a page that can link back to your resource page for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, or random site visitors.

Creating Content for Students

Many of these educational websites have blogs that students have access to and this will be a great opportunity to get a backlink. We have professional content writers at TrafficBox who can create something relevant and research-based that would benefit students. If we offer to publish this on their blog, there’s a little chance that they would say no to such valuable content.

What are the benefits of EDU Backlinks?

The benefits of EDU backlinks are numerous, some of which include:

Improved Authority

This is the most evident benefit you get from EDU backlinks, as these sites already have authority on Google. Having your links on them is a great way to let their authority rub off on you, which helps boost the SEO of your site and makes it more reputable.

Referral Traffic

Search engines direct most of the direct traffic you get to your site and you can’t take chances with that. To make the most of this, your links have to be well placed, and an EDU site is perfect for that due to its high authority that will help drive traffic to your site.


It is one thing to have quality content or a valuable brand and another to promote it to the right sources. This is beyond social media promotion, as there’s a limit to what that can do. With your link on an authority site like the .edu domain, your content can go farther and will continue to gain traffic for years to come. These sites are on the web for a longer period than the average websites that are created today, which means your content will always be promoted.

Do You Need EDU Links?

Every business with a website desires to rank high on the Google search engine and a great way to do that is to build authority on the web. EDU sites have gained their trust from Google, which makes it easier for your brand to build authority through their backlinks.

At TrafficBox, we have access to some of the most prominent educational facilities in the world and can easily link your websites to them to improve your site’s authority. To make the most of EDU backlinks, you need a proper strategy and we have experts who can take care of that.