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We manage blog outreach, content creation, and guest post placement to provide you with genuine, in-content white-hat links through manual blogger outreach. Order our Guest Posting Service today!

High-Quality Backlinks: Boost SEO with authoritative links.
Custom Outreach: Niche-specific blogger outreach.
White-Hat SEO: Ethical and safe SEO techniques.
Expert Content: Engaging, relevant content creation.
Transparent Reporting: Detailed performance reports.

How Our Guest Post Services Work

We offer two types of guest posting collaboration. The first option is when you order one of our customized packages, and we select the best option for the given price. The second option is the DIY method – you select the desired blogs from our list of 10.000+ websites, using monthly updated SEO metrics to search and filter. Both options involve natural outreach to bloggers based on niche relevancy and authority. Below, we describe our simple 5-step process for the first option.

1. Order Placement

Once you select your guest post package and place the order, you’ll be asked to provide details such as the target page URLs and desired anchors in an easy-to-fill form. We share this information with our outreach specialists. For a better strategy, they might contact you to define your campaign goals. After establishing the best strategy, we move to the next step: manual blogger outreach.

2. Blogger Outreach

The TrafficBox team maintains an inventory of over 10.000+ websites from various niches, a result of continuous manual blogger outreach. We send you a list of authority websites that we think would be a great fit for hosting your guest post. Once we identify the best blogs for your objectives, we reach out to the owners and make a publishing agreement, guaranteeing you a dofollow backlink to your website, ensuring you get the best value.

3. Blog Writing

After identifying the best topics, the content writing process begins. Every writer we work with undergoes a thorough selection process and has years of experience in their specific niche. They ensure the in-content link is placed naturally using the provided keyword. You will receive the article draft in an editable Google Document for any minor edits. We post it only after your approval.

4. Guest Post Publication

Once the article draft is approved, it is submitted to the high authority website we previously agreed upon. High-quality sites have editorial queues, so waiting times might occur. We keep you informed about the time it takes for the article to be approved and published. We recommend a drip-feed strategy, where your link-building orders are divided into smaller chunks and the articles are posted with a small delay. We aim to spread publication over 2-3 weeks when possible.

5. White Label Reporting

TrafficBox provides White-Label Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach services. We work on behalf of many SEO agencies, offering white-label reports for their clients while respecting non-disclosure agreements. Our team, trusted by agencies worldwide, has been in the link brokering business since 2010, successfully delivering thousands of orders.

Get awesome, in-content white-hat links through manual blogger outreach

Premium Guest Posting & Blogger Outreach Service

Creating high-quality links can take days, weeks, or even months, even for experts. As a business owner with everyday responsibilities, you may not have the time to build relationships over the Internet in hopes of securing a link on Forbes or Entrepreneur.

Order our Guest Posts Service to get in-content, white-hat links through manual blogger outreach!

If you’re struggling with this challenge, you’re in luck. We’ve spent years developing relationships with writers, publishers, and vendors to make mentions and backlinks on high-authority sites easily obtainable for you. We’re not just talking about guest posts on random websites. We’re talking about articles posted on authority sites, written by expert authors.

When you work with us, you gain more than just backlinks from guest posts. You build your website’s authority and traffic, leading to increased sales and business growth.

Get awesome, in-content white-hat links through manual blogger outreach

Who Can Benefit from Our SEO Guest Posting Service?

Take your time to scale your business and let the TrafficBox team handle your guest posting requirements.

SEO Agencies

Scale up your agency while we manage guest blogging for your clients. We provide white-label reports and can handle large orders.

Website Owners

Receiving organic traffic for your website is much easier with our Guest Post Outreach Services, which help you acquire top-quality contextual links.


Boost your blog’s authority and improve SERP positions of traffic-driving keywords with our contextual links from relevant sites.

Affiliate Marketers

Guest posting can drive quick organic exposure and evergreen referral traffic to your pages, helping you increase revenues day by day.

Freelance SEO Specialists

Manage your link building orders efficiently with our services. White-label our guest blogging service as your own product.

SEO Managers

Focus on activities like technical SEO or on-page SEO, and let us meet your link building deadlines in a timely manner.

Content Managers

Finding niche-specific sites to post your content is hard work. Luckily, we have built connections with bloggers and offer the best blog publishing service for you.

Local Business Owners

Position your brand as an authority and progressively boost your website’s local search rankings with our local guest blog posting service.

Let TrafficBox help you achieve your goals and grow your business effectively.

Obtain high-quality, in-content white-hat links through personalized blogger outreach.

What Is TrafficBox Guest Posting Service?

Our guest posting service is a key strategy that every business owner should use to build their online presence. It’s great for search engines and will introduce you to new audiences!

At TrafficBox, we believe in manual outreach. Our relationships with high-authority websites are built on years of collaboration. Our expertise and connections allow us to secure guest post spots, craft unique articles based on your specifications, and publish them on websites that link back to you. We’re talking about enterprise-level links that most people can’t get. Each guest post will add significant weight to your backlink profile and many will eventually become traffic sources.

Order a Guest Post and get awesome, in-content white-hat links through manual blogger outreach!

Using our Guest Posting Service gives you the easiest way to get high-quality, white-hat, and natural backlinks. Just sit back and relax while we boost your website rankings and drive more web traffic.

What Are The Benefits Of Guest Blogging?

Brand Awareness

Guest posting is invaluable for building your brand. When done correctly, it showcases your company’s expertise, allowing you to reach an audience you might not otherwise connect with. Publishing relevant blog articles on popular websites targeting your audience not only increases your credibility but also boosts your authority within the niche.

Web Traffic and Exposure

High authority websites already have an established audience. Securing a guest post on one of these sites significantly increases your website traffic through shares and mentions from that audience. As long as the content you publish is relevant and high-quality, the potential for increased direct traffic is substantial.

Higher SERP Rankings

Guest posting not only boosts your website’s exposure but also improves its SERP rankings. Backlinks from high-authority domains are crucial for ranking well in search engines. The higher the authority of the website publishing your guest post, the greater the impact on your search rankings.

Trust and Authority

Publishing a guest post on a high-authority website showcases your company as a leading entity in your niche. People trust high-authority domains, and a link to your company on one of these sites enhances trust. This increased trust can lead to more visitors to your website, more subscribers to your services, and more purchases of your products.

Secure premium, in-content white-hat backlinks with our tailored blogger outreach.

Why Should You Focus Only on Guest Posts?

There are multiple ways to build links to your website, and we have even outlined many free methods. However, most link building methods require significant time and effort from your side. Currently, guest posting stands out as the most efficient and cost-effective link building method. Below, we compare some alternative link building methods and explain why guest posting should be your primary focus.

Sponsored Posts and Paid Promotions

While sponsored posts and paid promotions can generate good referral traffic, they are not ideal for link building. Google explicitly requires website owners to mark these posts as sponsored and include tags such as rel="sponsored", rel="nofollow", and rel="UGC". This reduces the SEO value of the links.

Press Releases

Press releases result in numerous similar articles posted on different websites, which often get deleted over time. Additionally, all the links will be nofollow. Invest in press releases only if you need fast exposure, but do not rely on them as a link building method.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building involves finding broken links on niche-related websites, creating matching content, and asking the site owners to replace the dead links with your fresh ones. While it sounds promising, it can be highly frustrating. Most website owners will simply delete the broken link rather than add your link.

Investing in Linkable Assets

Creating linkable assets, such as high-quality templates, infographics, or e-books, does not guarantee links. Investing thousands in these assets and waiting for links can be stressful. While they have value, they are not as efficient or cost-effective as guest posting.

Order our Guest Blogging Services and get awesome, in-content white-hat links through manual blogger outreach!

Compared to the methods above, guest posting through proper manual blogger outreach remains the most efficient and cost-effective strategy to build backlinks to your website. Let us handle your guest posting needs and help you achieve better SEO results.

Acquire top-notch, in-content white-hat links via our expert manual blogger outreach.

How to Reduce the Cost of Guest Posting Services

If you handle guest posting on your own, you can significantly reduce costs and save valuable time. However, using our service can be even more cost-effective. TrafficBox provides guest post services at significantly lower rates compared to other US agencies. As a small agency, we do not include high operating costs in our service prices.

While we tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs, we offer smart packages for our standard guest post services to give you an idea of what you’ll receive. For those looking to supplement their established SEO efforts, we also offer list-based guest posting services at affordable prices. These packages range from $500 on the low end to $150k on the high end, with over 10,000 opportunities available. Rest assured, you’ll find something within your required niche and price point.

Choose TrafficBox for cost-effective and efficient guest posting services that deliver real results.

What Should I Consider While Acquiring Backlinks?

If you’re looking to acquire links through guest posting, there are several SEO metrics you should consider. Before 2014, link builders used Google’s PageRank (PR) as a reference SEO metric. Since Google stopped updating PR in 2013, the online community has had to look for alternative solutions. Slowly but surely, good alternatives have emerged in the SEO field, even though they are not provided by Google.

Order our Guest Posting Service now and get awesome, in-content white-hat links through manual blogger outreach!

Key SEO Metrics to Consider:

  1. Moz DA (Domain Authority)
    • Moz DA measures the overall strength of a domain and its likelihood to rank well in search engine results. Higher DA scores indicate stronger domains.
  2. Majestic TF (Trust Flow)
    • Majestic TF evaluates the quality of links pointing to a website. Higher TF indicates more trustworthy links.
  3. Ahrefs DR (Domain Rating)
    • Ahrefs DR assesses the strength of a website’s backlink profile on a scale from 0 to 100. Higher DR means a stronger backlink profile.
  4. Semrush Traffic
    • Semrush Traffic estimates the amount of organic search traffic a website receives. Higher traffic indicates a more popular and potentially more influential website.

These metrics are essential for websites aiming to rank well in search engines such as Google and Bing. For search engines like Yandex or Baidu, other SEO metrics might be more relevant.

Use these metrics to filter websites that meet your requirements and ensure you’re acquiring high-quality backlinks that will positively impact your site’s SEO performance.

Gain valuable, in-content white-hat links through our professional blogger outreach services.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Guests Posts Service

Can you show me a sample guest post before ordering?

It’s absolutely normal for you to know what exactly you will get after placing an order. We consider it our duty to fulfill your request and show you samples when needed.

Do you accept to publish all types of niches?

We work with all available niches, including adult websites, as long as the website has proven online authority. However, we don’t do guest posting for unethical businesses. Everything is screened. Defamatory content, fake news, and the like will be turned down immediately. The destination URL should provide more information about the subject to maximize the effectiveness of the piece.

Do you offer backlinks on sites with real organic traffic?

During our real blogger outreach, we filter websites using various contemporary SEO metrics. We select only the sites with excellent Moz DA, high Majestic TF, great Ahrefs DR, and measurable organic traffic via SemRush or Ubersuggest. You can use this data to choose the websites that meet your requirements.

How many guest posts do I need to rank in Google?

The answer varies by niche. We use Ahrefs KD (keyword difficulty) to estimate the approximate number of links required. It is not precise but offers an idea to start with. It also depends on the SEO metrics of the website where the articles are posted. Ten DA60+ backlinks are better than hundreds of DA20+ links. Keep in mind that your competition is also working on their link-building campaigns, and you could lose positions in SERPs if you do it just once.

How different is TrafficBox from other guest posting providers?

We have multiple connections at each site, so if one falls through, we have a backup. You won’t find a larger inventory of sites that are truly attainable. Trusted by agencies worldwide since 2010, with thousands of orders completed, our communication and support are second to none. We are a US/CDN outfit, available by phone, email, Skype, Slack, and more.

What keywords should I use as anchor texts?

We recommend using keywords that are already ranking in SERPs. The ideal target keywords to use as anchor texts can be found among the terms ranking in the top 30 of Google results. For ranking a landing page or service page, concentrate on commercial keywords rather than informational ones. For ranking a blog post, use informational keywords.

Who writes the content? Can I provide my own articles?

You can write it, we can write it; the price is the same. Our writers are all US or UK native-English speakers, literary and technical writers who get it right the first time, reducing the amount of time going back and forth with each publication.

Can I review the content before guest post publication?

100% yes. We create all content in editable and shareable Google Documents. You can make any minor edits if needed, and we post it only after your approval.

How long does this process typically take (TAT)?

The process can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months, depending on the publication you choose. The publishing length will vary, but you will be kept up to date with the progress via the dashboard. During this time, we are always available to help and respond to all your questions.

What if the website owner removes the post or the backlink?

We build relationships with bloggers based on the agreement that posted articles are permanent and remain unchanged even after the guarantee period. If your backlink or article gets deleted, you will get 100% money back or a replacement link. By default, all links acquired through our blog posting services should be permanent. However, some publications offer only 1 or 2 years link placement. You will be informed of this before placing any order.

What are your guarantees?

We guarantee the link will be placed on the site you requested. If not, you owe us nothing, and your payment will be returned in full. If an article is un-indexed by Google or removed, our refund policy is as follows:

  • If removed within 45 days of the order confirmation, a full refund is given.
  • If removed between 45-180 days of the order confirmation, no refund is given, but the article will be migrated to a similar domain authority site (+/- 10 DA).
  • If removed beyond 180 days, no refund or replacements are guaranteed, but we may offer an in-kind replacement to maintain good business relations. For refunds via PayPal, PayPal’s service fees (4.4%) will not be refunded.

Receive exceptional, in-content white-hat backlinks through dedicated manual blogger outreach.