Websites That Accept Guest Post Blogs

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A List of Guest Posting Blogs You Can Submit to

To boost your guest blogging and SEO goals, we’ve compiled an up-to-date list of blogs and websites that accept guest posts. Each category contains 10+ blogs. This is a work-in-progress list and it's updated regularly as we add new websites and categories. The blogs have various criteria for writers at different levels and experiences.


SEO Blogs

Writing guest posts for SEO blogs not only helps increase your visibility but also improves your knowledge about SEO. It gives you the opportunity to connect with other people in the same industry and will learn from them in the long run. We have put together a list of SEO blogs that accept guest posts. These blogs require a high standard article, so you would have to put in your best. This would help you improve your research and content writing skills.



Self-Development blogs will help you connect with readers on a deeper level. It helps you impact other people’s lives while learning and growing in the process. Whether or not your business/blog belongs in this niche, you can still create guest posts that talk about self-esteem, happiness, health, confidence, and more.


Business Blogs

If you are looking for reputable business blogs for guest posting, we have put some together for you. These blogs are designed for business-inclined minds like you and they require quality articles from other business owners and experts. This encourages more practical and relatable content available for entrepreneurs. Guest posting on these sites will not only increase your exposure but also brush your storytelling skills, which could eventually be a win for you.


Finance Blogs

Financial stability is what many people today aspire for, so they constantly seek for helpful content to guide them on this journey. You can share your knowledge on finances while also promoting your personal brand, as these blogs boast of thousands and millions of monthly readers.


Travel Blogs

There is an increasing rate of travellers in the world today and this is a great opportunity to provide quality content based on your travel experiences. This gives room to document your travel properly and you can always have a resource to fall back to regarding your travels. In addition, you will be helping a lot more people to make the right travel decision.


Fashion Blogs

If you love fashion and won’t mind sharing your wealth of knowledge about it, this is the category you should embrace. There are many people out there looking for accurate information and updates on the fashion industry. By writing for fashion blogs, you will connect with more people like you who are enthusiastic about fashion and also improve your knowledge of fashion generally.


Pet Blogs

Do you love pets and would love to share your passion with other people of like minds? This is a great opportunity to do so, as these blogs will not only help promote your content but will also connect you to a community of people who share similar interests.


Women Blogs

What better way to influence the world and bridge the gender gap than writing about it? This not only gets your voice heard by more people but also improve your authority in the media. It will also be a great way to promote your blog or business, especially if it is also targeted at women.

Web Design

Web Design Blogs

If you are passionate about web design, this is an opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge with others while also learning in the process. You also get the opportunity to showcase your work to a wider audience and improve your online authority. Web design and development are top fields in tech today and many people are seeking answers. You can be a part of the online community that could help grow this sector, and guest posting is sure a great place to start.


Food Blogs

Are you looking to write for a blog that speaks the food language? This is a great way to learn as you share knowledge with others. It also helps improve both your cooking skills and your writing skills.


Technology Blogs

We are in the information age with more advanced technology than ever before and there are different sectors of technology today. You can choose any of these sectors based on your field or what you are most knowledgeable about. This is also a great way to connect with like minds and more tech communities.


Marketing Blogs

Marketing is one of the core topics of discussion in the world today and if this is your core interest, here’s a chance to reach out to a wider audience. Guest posts are a great way to share your knowledge of marketing and also learn more in the process, as the marketing world keeps evolving.


Sports Blogs

With sports being a prominent industry in the world today, you don’t want to take chances on this if you are a sports lover. The communities are huge, which gives you room to associate with more people of similar interests and also build your audience base. Over time, as you consistently write for sports blogs, your knowledge of sports will also improve.


Education Blogs

The education sector will always be around, as the world evolves with new innovations. This means there will be more things to learn while learning is improved to ensure everyone gets the scope of being educated. There will always be something to talk about and a large audience to connect to. This is your chance to write guest posts for education blogs and gain numerous benefits from it for yourself and for your brand.


Writing Blogs

Writing blogs are everywhere today but it takes a little bit of research to find which one would be more suitable to help you connect to a wider audience. The list below contains credible blogs that you can submit your work to while improving your craft and expanding your reach.


Blogging Blogs

The blogging industry is one of the most appreciated industries in the media today and every day, more people are willing to join the clique. It is, however, not as easy as it is sometimes portrayed and most beginners get confused about what to do. If you are a blogger, you could share your knowledge with others willing to learn. This will also be an opportunity to reach out to more people and make your name known while improving your craft in the process.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Blogs

More people today are constantly working towards living healthy, and the internet is often a great resource for them to get information on how to go about it. If you have some knowledge about health and fitness, you can contribute to sharing more helpful information. This will also encourage you to live healthily.


Lifestyle Blogs

If you have varying interests and would love to write about anything and everything, then you have a shot at guest posting for lifestyle blogs. This post contains lists to blogs that you can write to help increase your exposure and your online authority. It is also a great way to improve your personal lifestyle as you learn and write more about it to a wider audience.

Music & Entertainment

Music and Entertainment

There are many people out there today who love and enjoy music and everything attached to it. Music is life for these people and you can make it more fun and interesting to them by writing about it from your unique perspective. This list contains several music platforms that you can submit your ideas and opinions to while you improve your online authority.


Political Blogs

Politics will forever be alive and will evolve as the world evolves. The impact of politics can be seen in various industries, which affects the world at large. A lot of people would always want to know what’s happening per time and this is your chance to share the latest news from your perspective and also give your opinions and ideas. In addition to expanding your network with these political blogs, your knowledge of politics will also improve over time. And gradually, you will have increased online authority.

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