Web Design Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a web designer or a programmer with a wealth of knowledge to share with others? Guest posting is a great way to not only share your knowledge and expertise with others but to also improve your online authority. There are many web and design blogs constantly looking for unique ideas on the web design and development industry and you could take advantage of that.

Writing for popular blogs that focus on this niche will help you reach a wider audience, connect with communities and will also bring potential clients your way.

However, there is a pool of blogs to select from, which is why we have curated some valuable blogs that accept guest posts.


UnderConstructionPage gained its online recognition through a plugin that allows you to create a coming soon or an under-construction page in minutes with hundreds of page templates, millions of premium images, with a building process that can be done in minutes. In addition, their blog is filled with WordPress tutorials, design hacks, recommendations, analysis, and topics covering everything ranging from web design and SEO to social media and digital marketing. If you’d like to get featured on the blog and share your expertise, click here to check out the requirements.


WP Newsify has been around for over 5 years and it’s been a site filled with digital marketing goodies ever since. It will give you a helping hand in discovering design hacks, WordPress topics, and guide you towards achieving your digital goals. If you want to become a part of the content-producing pack, you can visit the site and pitch your guest post ideas.


Enstine Muki is a blog that will guide you through your entire journey from being a novice in the blogging world, to an expert that rocks the digital stage. How to start off your website, when should you monetize it, how to advertise it, how to optimize it, which metrics to follow…it’s just scraping the surface content-wise, with all of the tips and tricks waiting for you on-site! Check out their guidelines if you’d like to join the community and become a contributor.


Theme Circle is a site tailored for WordPress lovers on the hunt for a blog that will find its way into their bookmarks tab on the first read, Whether you’re looking for tutorials on improving your site’s appearance, optimizing it on search engines, promoting on social media…you name it and it’s probably waiting on you among with hundreds of other blog posts. You can check out their guest post requirements for submitting your ideas.


ResizeMyImage is, apart from a tool that allows you to edit and adjust your images in minutes, a blog that will compliment the tool perfectly. It’s filled with content related to website design, photography, WordPress, social media, and similar topics. If you have the expertise and experience required to become a contributor and publish your article on their blog, you should navigate to the requirements and start pitching your ideas.


A List Apart is a platform for people who make websites, as it explores the design, development, and meaning of web content while delivering quality materials. The blog aims to challenge readers with quality content while it moves the web design and development industry forward.

To write for this blog, you need to bring a fresh perspective on a topic that will be appealing to readers. The content must have a thesis and a clear argument. It must be human and connect to an audience of designers, developers, content strategists, information architects, and whatnots. Articles must be between 600–2,500 words and submitted via google docs. Details on how to submit can be seen in the guidelines.

One of the benefits of writing for this blog is that you get extensive feedback from the editors once the article is published.


Site Point is a platform for every web developer or enthusiasts to share their passion for what they do and the amazing things they create. The site boasts of rich and engaged contributors who are also leaders in their fields. With over 10 million readers per month, there is never a better time to get started as a writer on this blog, as you have many more benefits.

Every month, there is a topic for the blog and articles are written specifically around that topic. When you become one of the authors, you will be assigned a topic by the hub editor and you can also suggest your original ideas for the blog. You must be fully committed to write for this blog and focus more on quality rather than quantity. Other things to know including what to expect from editors can be seen in the submission page.


Web Design Ledger provides quality articles, tutorials, news and information for the web design and development community. The blog constantly looks out for contributors willing to write on the latest happenings in the web design industry.

Articles written for this blog should be original and a minimum of 300 words. Including appealing visuals to get the attention of your audience and cite credible sources. To be an author on this blog, simply fill the form embedded on the guidelines page.


Web Designer Depot is a community of web designers and developers that focuses on providing premium knowledge, tips, and tricks on design. They recognize themselves as a community rather than just a blog, as they record over 1.1 million newsletter subscribers and over 740 thousand Twitter followers. The aim is to deliver insights on design, user experience, and freelancing while being a supportive and inspiring community.

To be an author on this blog, you must be passionate about design and must be able to effectively communicate your ideas to readers. Simply send an email to them on your experience and the articles you want to submit. The email should also include links to your previously published work.


Tech Wyse focuses on everything related to the internet, including Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development. Its aim is to deliver an impactful end-to-end Internet marketing solution to every tech enthusiast.

Guest posts on this blog must be original, well-written and informative. Articles must be a minimum of 1000 words and must include graphics, illustrations, photos, or screenshots to make the content more appealing to readers. Examples of the kind of content expected from you and how to submit can be seen on the guidelines page.


Instant Shift is a community of web designers and developers that provides valuable resources and inspiration. You do not need any level of experience to write for this blog.

To be an author, you will have to commit to creating original and quality content that covers the recent developments in the design world. To get started, you are required to sign up as an author with the form embedded on the contributors‘ page.


Top Design Magazine is a blog for everyone passionate about design and development. It provides news, tutorials, and resources in the web design and development industry. The blog is constantly looking for new ideas and concepts; they want their readers to learn from your perspective.

Articles written for this blog must be a minimum of 600 words and must contain at least 2 web-optimized images. Ensure your content is of high quality and follows all the requirements as highlighted in the guidelines.


Design Webkit is a blog and community for web designers and developers. It provides quality content, freebies, tutorials and trends for everyone passionate about this field. Content on this blog revolves around web design ideas, graphic design tutorials, free tools, and Photoshop actions.

As an author on this blog, you are required to write a minimum of 1800 words and include at least 5 JPG images. Ensure the posts are original and free of spelling & grammar errors. You can check the guidelines for more details on what is required and how to submit.


Graphic Design Junction provides quality resources and interesting news on web design and development. The blog focuses on content around WordPress, Photoshop, jQuery, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Freebies, Typography, and Vector Resources.

Articles published on this blog do not have any specific requirements. Simply ensure it is original and related to what the blog is about. If you are ready to start writing, contact them with your Full Name, Website URL, a Short Bio and a Gravatar.


Designrfix provides a massive amount of content to readers passionate about web design. This is done via in-house writing, guest posts, and sponsored posts. Topics revolve around Photoshop tutorials, web design, design tools, inspirational pieces, and any technology-related subject.

To write for this blog, the content must be original and revolve around those topics. Your article must be a minimum of 1000 words free of spellings and grammatical errors. Submit via email in a .docx, .pdf or .txt file.


Guest posting on web design blogs would give you more exposure by expanding your audience reach. You will also gradually improve in your craft, as you would be forced to do more research and gain more knowledge on your field as you write. There is never a better time than now to start and if you feel you can’t handle this workload anytime soon, we have a guest posting service available.

In addition, if you have a blog that accepts guest posts for web design, feel free to contact us to add to our list.

The List of Web Design Blogs That Accept Guest Posting