Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Finance is the core of businesses worldwide today and an important topic of discussion in all fields. If you are passionate about finance and would love to share your knowledge with a wide range of interested readers, guest posting will be a great option. Not only will you impact others but you will also expand your reach and improve your online authority. There are many people out there today who are clueless about money and how to manage their finances. You could be that bridge that connects them perfectly to the knowledge of finance that they should have.

Would you like to explore your interest in finance blogs through guest posting? We have put together a list of finance blogs that accept guest posts to help you get started on this journey.

Money Crashers aims to create a community of people who make smart financial decisions vis their platform. The goal is to provide a reliable, modern, authentic platform that anyone can make use of to work towards being financially wise. Topics include investing, money management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax preparation, credit and debt, real estate, mortgages, frugal living, and lifestyle.

To write for this blog, you are required to provide a researched and well-written article of at least 3000 words. It must cover all the necessary details and be comprehensive enough to readers. Simply fill the form embedded on the guidelines page to get started.

Investing is a platform that delivers quality finance markets-related content. It covers topics related to the global Stock Markets, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, World Indices, World Currencies, Commodities, Bonds, Funds & Interest Rates, ETF’s Futures, and Options. With over 21 million monthly users and over a hundred articles published daily, you are invited to also be a part of this community via guest posting.

Your article must be original, concise and of quality between 250 and 3500 words. You are required to embed audio or other visual components to make your post appealing to readers. They specifically state that you avoid writing about thinly traded penny stocks below $100 million and ensure the article is related to financial content in any of the above-listed topics. Click the Contribute button on the guidelines page to get started.

Finances Online provide the best B2B & SaaS solutions based on recommendations from experts and reviews from users of some of the products. This platform provides detailed product information that influences the decisions of readers, as they are able to easily spot reliable and trustworthy products.

Topics revolve around B2B, SaaS and B2C related topics, and other finance-related topics. Your article should be between 1000 and 1500 words, must be original, unique and inspiring enough to engage readers. The guidelines page contains details on the specific types of articles you are required to write and the pitch form to submit your ideas.

I Will Teach You to be Rich is for everyone who wants to learn how to automate their finances, make more money, find their Dream Job, and start an online business. The blog contains information on how to say yes to more opportunities and focus on activities that will yield massive results in the long run.

Articles written for this blog must be original and backed up by research, charts, data, and expert quotes. Read previously published articles on the site to get a scope of what is expected and pitch your idea before writing anything. The guidelines also contain links to quality guest posts that you can refer to while you write.

The Military Wallet focuses on military members, veterans, and their families and helps them understand personal finance and how best they can manage their money effectively.

Articles written for this blog must be original and related to military benefits, military lifestyle, or other similar topics. Add copyright-free images to make the content visually appealing to the readers. Avoid obscene language and keep the article free of grammatical errors. More details on what they expect and how to submit are in the guidelines page.

Cash Money Life is a journal that provides content based on financial, small business, and career topics. It is a great platform that helps you learn while you share your thoughts with others.

Write original content that has not been previously published elsewhere. Attach images where necessary to make it more appealing and ensure the content is related to what the site is about. You are allowed to include an author’s bio with a link back to your website and social media profile. To get started, simply fill the form embedded on the guidelines page.

Man vs Debt is a blog that encourages sharing a transparent and honest account of personal journeys. The goal is to help everyone work towards making their own money, managing their finances better and paying off debts.

To write for this blog, you need to engage the audience by telling a story while passing a message across. Use proper headings and bulleted lists to make your content easy to read and skim through. There is no limit on the word count; you can write as short as 200 words or as long as 2000 words, as long as you tell the story. Include accurate facts from reliable sources and feel free to include copyright-free images. Submissions are done via email and details on how to format your post for submissions are on the guidelines page.

Modest Money is a blog that teaches people how to make their money grow through investing. They believe that with the right guidance and accurate knowledge shared, more people will learn to invest well with the most time-tested strategies.

You are required to write at least 500 words after pitching your idea and it has been approved. Ensure it is of quality and free of grammatical errors. You may also include two self-promotional links and be willing to engage with readers in the comments section. To get started, pitch your idea with the form embedded on the guidelines page.

My Personal Finance Journey is a blog focused on unraveling some financial myths while helping other people learn how to manage their finances effectively, save money and also create more streams of income. It is also an interactive forum and a resource site for everyone who visits.

Articles must be tailored to personal finance-related topics such as investing, saving, frugality, etc. The content must be original and should include the author’s bio with one backlink to your website. The guidelines also cover more details and how to submit your topic or articles.

One Cent at a Time is a blog that helps people realize that the road to financial success is one step at a time and with a gradual process, they will reach their goal.

Guest posts are required to focus on topics related to investment, money-saving or smart earning advice or ideas. The content must be original and at least 1000 words. A personal story is preferred, as it helps readers connect with much practical and relatable content. Use bullets, lists, and short paragraphs to make reading easier and include relevant links. You are also allowed to include a short bio with a link back to your site. The guidelines page contains more details on what is expected of you and how to format your post for submission.


Everyone needs to learn about finance to lead a financially stable life and business and you can contribute to making that happen through guest posts. There is a large audience waiting to read more about how to make their finances better, so you can never run out of an audience. It will also be a great way to promote your personal finance blog and make yourself known in this niche.

Do you own a finance blog that also accepts guest posts? Feel free to contact us to include it in this list. Also, we have a guest posting service to help with this if you can’t possibly create time to write and post on blogs.

The list of Finance Related Websites That Accept Guest Posts