fashion blogs that accept guest posts

Fashion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

The fashion industry has evolved over the decades and there are more fashion blogs today than ever before. These blogs provide useful content to every fashion lover and to the average person who wants to look good. Unlike most industries, the fashion industry hardly ever runs out of content, as it constantly evolves. Anyone at any time could look up vital content on fashion, whether to make an on-the-spot decision or simply learn something new.

With new fashion blogs constantly being launched, there is room for creating more quality content in the industry. This is where guest posting comes in. If you are enthusiastic about fashion trends and related news or you own a blog in the fashion industry, guest posting is an option to consider.

We have put together a list of guest posting sites to help build your online authority while sharing your passion in fashion with others.

Focus On Style is a blog dedicated to helping boss ladies publicize their businesses and being the best at what they do. It has served millions of women since its launch and currently accepts guest posts from experts in their field.

To write for this blog, you must be a reader of the site to know the kind of content they write and to be certain you aren’t pitching an idea that has already been written. You are required to write a quality post with a fresh and modern style perspective. It should be between 450 and 750 words devoid of grammatical errors and must be written for a sophisticated woman looking to amp up her everyday style. The guidelines contain more details on link policy and how to submit.

Offbeat Bride is a blog for everyone who is about to walk down the aisle. It contains the basics of wedding planning and every other thing necessary, from the littlest thing to the most important and easily left out in the planning process.

The blog prefers first-person posts about wedding planning. Posts should revolve around topics such as wedding scripts, dealing with wedding challenges, feminism and weddings, DIY projects, and other related topics. Word length should be a maximum of 1000 words free of grammatical errors. To get started, fill the form embedded on the guidelines page.

PR Couture is a blog for fashion & lifestyle communication professionals and brands, as it creates educating and inspiring content necessary for their growth.

To write for this blog, your article must be original, well-crafted, and interesting. Articles should be between 600-900
words with a brief bio attached. Regular contributors will have direct access to the site to submit drafts for review. There is a detailed guideline document that you are required to read to understand what is expected of you to write a guest post on the blog.

Fashion For Royals is a blog that provides quality content on Fashion, Makeup, Beauty, and Lifestyle. It also provides styling services, which could either be offline personal styling or virtual styling via a call and questionnaire.

To write for this blog, ensure your article goes with the flow of the blog. You can check previously published posts to have an idea of what is expected. Your submission must be accompanied by the URL to your blog or site and links to your published articles. The blog does not require a specific word count but it must be of reasonable length and cover the subject matter in detail. To pitch your idea, simply fill the form embedded on the guidelines page.

Beauty and Fashion Tech is a platform that provides content around topics such as cosmetics, skincare, beauty products, and fashion accessories.

To write for this blog, you must be a blogger ready to write a unique, interesting, and relevant article on topics the blog majors on. The content must be original and written exclusively for the blog, with one self-promotional link in the article and two in the author’s bio. More details and how to submit can be seen on the guidelines page.

Slayed Magazine is an online magazine that focuses on Fashion, Beauty, and Self-empowerment. Articles written for this blog must focus on those core topics and must be original, with perspectives on issues facing millennials today. There are no other strict rules to writing for this blog and you can get started by simply filling the form embedded on the guidelines page.

Fjackets is an online fashion store and clothing brand that delivers quality outfits at a reasonable price for the average person who is on a budget. While they have ready-to-wear outfits, they also take customized orders and make outfits according to the customers’ preference.

Guest posts for this site are on topics related to Fashion, Clothing, and Celebrities. Your article should be at least 500 words with no more than three links attached. Ensure it is SEO-friendly, unique, well-researched, and of high quality. Other details on what is expected of you and how to submit can be seen on the guidelines page.

College Fashion is a fashion and beauty blog written by college students, for college students. The blog delivers content on topics related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, trends, shopping, relationships, and other college-related topics.

Guest writers who have prior blogging experience are often preferred to contribute to the blog. Articles should be between 500 and 1000 words, and you must be enrolled in college to fit into what the blog is about. You should also be passionate or have knowledge of fashion, especially within the college setting. To get started, fill the form linked on the guidelines page.


If you love fashion and everything related to it, this is a great time to start guest posting on these fashion blogs. It helps widen your audience reach and also improve your online authority. If you can barely spare the time for this, you can make use of our guest posting service and feel free to contact us if you will like to add your blog to this list.

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