Writing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

The joy of many writers today is the ability to connect with a wider audience who sees their work and appreciates it. No one wants to write with no platform to publicize the work to bring in more views. While you may create a personal blog to share your idea, your reach is limited and you can reach out to so much more outside your local network. This is why guest posting is a great idea, as it not only gives you a platform to promote your work but also increases your reach and connects you to a community of other writers. This could also help drive more traffic to your personal blog as you gradually build your online community.

We have put together a list of blogs that accept guest posts from writers and you can consider pitching to any of them to connect to a wider audience.


A List Apart is a blog for people who make websites, as it explores the design, development, and meaning of web content. They constantly look out for new authors from different industries that can contribute new ideas that will benefit their audience. The audience includes designers, developers, content strategists, and information architects, among others.

To write for this blog, your content must be original, has a thesis and offers a clear argument. It should be between 600 to 2500 words and must be well structured. Details on how to submit and sample articles to follow can be seen on the guidelines page.


The Write Practice is a blog designed to help writers practice deliberately and become better at their craft. It also teaches others to learn how to write a good post, how great writers find their voice and how they can find theirs.

Writing for this blog is more about teaching others to practice their craft. Your content should be at least 750 words and cover topics on journalism, poetry, literary fiction, memoir, creative essays, and any other similar niche. It should be divided into two sections, Craft and Practice. While the Craft section covers something about the writing craft, including your personal experience, the Practice section is for you to give readers the chance to practice what they just learned. Check the guidelines page for more tips on how to submit and make your post acceptable.


Pro Writing Aid is a platform that helps writers write better, as it offers world-class grammar and style checking. In addition to this, it is a community of writers and everyone who contributes a post will get additional benefits. This includes a free 1-year ProWritingAid Premium license, access to their database of writers, and promotions on social media.

Articles written for this blog must be excellent and should cover topics on The Writing Process, Blogging and Content Writing, Grammar Rules, Writing Apps, and How to Use ProWritingAid. Use a catchy title and a strong introduction and at least one internal link. See more details in the guidelines.


Write to Done is a blog for anyone who wants to learn how to write better, regardless of the kind of writing they do.

To write for this blog, your content must be 800 to 1500 words in length. It must be original with a title and introduction appealing to readers. Ensure it includes two internal links, with appropriate formatting. You must also include an author’s bio of about 40 words. Other specific requirements are on the guidelines page.


Writers Relief is a blog for writers, researchers, motivators, organizers, proofreaders, and more. Its aim is to help creative writers submit well-targeted, professional content to literary agents and editors.

Articles written for this blog must not be more than 600 words in length. Topics to be covered include Writing craft (books, poems, stories, essays), Marketing and promoting, Social networking, Self-publishing, Making quality submissions, Inspiration and encouragement, and any topic related to creative writing. More details can be seen in the guidelines.


Funds For Writers is an online resource for writers with a focus on markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and funding streams. Either of these must reflect on any submission made to this blog.

Articles should be between 550 and 650 words that are of quality. You could also include a personal experience related to the content. Other Do’s and Dont’s of this blog can be seen in the guidelines.


Live Write Thrive is a blog owned by a novelist, a copyeditor, and a writing coach, with the aim to help writers improve their craft.

Guest posts on this blog must be relevant, well-written, unique, and must reflect your personality. It must be between 800 to 1200 words with an author bio that contains 1-2 self-promotional links and a jpeg headshot. The guidelines contain more details on how to submit and the likely changes that might be made on your post.


Writers Helping Writers aims to empower writers while offering help and support to them. This includes providing innovative tools and helpful resources for writers, editors, and teachers.

Articles written for this blog must focus on topics such as writing, publishing, marketing or promotion with fresh ideas for readers. It should be 800 to 1000 words long and must maintain a PG rating due to the kind of audience. Submissions should be done via the form embedded on the guidelines page.


Be a Freelance Blogger is for every writer and blogger who wants to earn a full-time income as a blogger. Or to earn extra money after work or college and be known as an expert in your field.

To write for this blog, ensure your content is original, at least 1000 words, with a focus on freelance blogging. Break the content into subheadings and include real-life examples to make the post more relatable and practical. Add a bio of 1-2 sentences long and follow other specific rules given in the guidelines.


Write it Sideways helps writers see from a fresh perspective, as they learn new skills and improve productivity.

To write for this blog, ensure your article is original and well-written between 700 to 1200 words. Use an eye-catching and relevant title and ensure the post is devoid of grammatical errors. Submission should be done via email as detailed on the guidelines page.


These blogs are a great means to help you advance your career in writing while you grow your craft. If you are serious about your career in writing, there is never a better time than now to contribute guest posts and expand your reach. This will also help improve your writing skills as you strive to create quality content for these blogs.

If this is something you would love to do but can’t make out time for, you can make use of our guest posting services and save some time. Do you also own a blog that accepts guest posts from other writers like yourself? Would you like us to include it in this post? Feel free to contact us and we’ll update our list with yours.

The list of Writting Blogs That Accept Guest Posts