Pet Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

One of the best ways to amplify your voice in the world today is through the Internet. Blogging a perfect example; it helps you connect with a wider audience and improve your online authority while sharing knowledge. If you are a lover of pets or passionate about topics related to them, you can get started on writing about them. Guest posting helps you to write for as many blogs as possible on topics that interest you and it also helps widen your audience reach.

Writing articles about pets is a great way to explore your interest and be well-known in your field. If you want to get started on writing for pet blogs, we have put together a list. This list will direct you to reputable blogs that accept guest posts and will help publicize your work to reach more people.

Go Pet Friendly

Go Pet Friendly is a blog dedicated to helping pet owners to spend quality time with their pets. This includes going on travel destinations and tours with the pets or any other activity to make it memorable for them.

To write for this blog, you are required to share personal stories of traveling with your pets, whether it is a long or a short trip. The article must be at least 800 words and of good quality. Attach quality images and link only to pages that will help make traveling with pets easier for the readers. More details on how to format your article and how to submit are on the guidelines page.

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine is committed to making the world a better place for dogs and also promote the best health practices to keep the dogs alive. They believe we can have a world where dogs can live free of chemicals, drugs, processed foods, and unnecessary vaccines.

You can join this magazine in doing this by contributing a guest post, especially if you have a wealth of experience in this field. Topics should revolve around Nutrition, Holistic Healthcare, Homeopathy, Herbs, TCVM, Vaccines, and Pharmaceutical controversies. Pitch your article via the form embedded on the guidelines page.

Wag the Dog UK

Wag the Dog UK is a blog for every dog lover looking for great stories, tips, recipes, and more to improve their relationship with their dogs.

To write for this blog, go through articles on the blog to have an idea of what to write. The article should be original and of quality between 400 to 600 words and with at least one image attached. Topics can be based on any experience whatsoever that you’ve had with your dog. Preferably, opt for travel experiences and caring tips for your pet, including their food recipes. To write for this blog and tell your story, fill the form embedded on the guidelines page.


Petful is a blog that helps save the lives of pets by sharing articles on health and safety measures and vital information to help pet owners. They work with trusted experts such as Veterinarians, Professional dog trainers, aCat groomers, and other authorities with viable experience.

To write for this blog, you are required to write a well-researched, comprehensive post of at least 1500 words. You must be an expert in the field ready to create original and quality content for the blog. There is a form embedded on the guidelines page to help you get started.

Entirely Pets

Entirely Pets is known to provide online pet supplies and non-prescription pet medications to ensure pets stay safe, healthy, and alive. Their aim is to improve the well-being and quality of life for pets through their supplies.

Write an original article of at least 1500 words that will be valuable to readers. Go through the blog to see how their articles are formatted and follow suit. You get a higher advantage when you write on a topic provided by them and not when you choose yours. Check the guidelines page for more details on how to pitch your idea.

House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that rescues and cares for abandoned rabbits while reducing their number through educating content on their blog.

Articles should be between 600 and 1200 words with images or other forms of graphics attached. The articles must be able to inspire, educate and entertain readers about rabbits and how to make living easier for them. Suggested topics include Rabbit medicine, New ideas in rabbit rescue/rabbit sheltering, Discussion of rescue efforts and lessons learned, and more.  See more details on the guidelines page, including how to submit.

The Bark

The Bark is a blog for the modern dog. It shows readers how to live in a close bond with their dogs while doing the right thing to keep them safe.

To write for this blog, go through articles on the site to familiarize yourself with the content. The article must be focused on dog culture and lifestyle and the bond between humans and their pets. Keep it original and of good quality and check the guidelines page for details on how to submit.

Little Dog Tips

Little Dog Tips is a blog for small dogs. Its content is based on raw feeding, positive reinforcement-based training, and innovative products. With a lot of conflicting information on the Internet today, this blog wants to ensure you get the most accurate well-researched tips.

To write for this blog, commit to at least 500 words in length and it must be dog-related. You should also be an active reader on the blog to get an idea of what is expected before sending a pitch. Include a short bio, clear profile photo, and personal links when submitting. More details are on the guidelines page.


There are more pet owners in the world today than ever before. This is an opportunity to connect with people of the same interest as you while you share useful information that will help them. We have a guest posting service available to help you save some time. You can also contact us if you own a blog for pets and will like to add to this list.

The list of Pet Blogs That Accept Guest Posts