Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Do you love to travel or interested in travel-related content? This could be your opportunity to connect with a wider audience who will read your opinions and personal stories on travel. Guest posting has become popular on the internet today, due to the many benefits attached to it. It is a case of both yourself and the owner of the blog benefitting from it. While you could decide to create a personal blog, it will take a while for it to gain traffic and there will also be less visibility if you do not work on backlinking to your site.

Guest posting not only gives you the chance to backlink to your site and improve your domain authority but also helps widen your audience reach. This helps more people in the travel industry know more about you and your travel experiences.

If you are wondering where to share your opinions and gain maximum benefits, we have put together a list of travel blogs that accept blog posts.

Heather On Her Travels is a blog for every traveler or travel enthusiast that contains travel inspiration and information. The author seeks to take readers on a journey through her travel experiences and would love posts from other authors who will like to do the same.

To be a writer for this blog, you must be a travel blogger or writer with an established website or with a record of published articles on the web. You are also required to have a personal experience of the place you are writing about. The article should be between 1000 and 2000 words related to a place you have visited or have an in-depth knowledge of. Format the post for easy reading, by using headings and subheadings and include quality images to make it more appealing to readers. You can go through the guidelines page for more on images and link policy.

World Hum aims to publish the best travel stories on the Internet, with a focus on the journey and not just the destination. They do this by creating high-quality travel content on different types of features, ranging from Travel Stories to Speaker’s Corner, Travel Interviews, Lists, and Audio slideshows.

Articles written for this blog should not be more than 1500 words and should be sent via email, without attachments. More details on what they expect from you and how to submit can be seen in the guidelines page.

International Living is a platform that encourages people to live a happier, more fulfilling, and more prosperous life overseas. This entails sharing essential information regarding traveling and getting dream retirement overseas.

To write for this blog, simply decide on the form you want the article to take, whether it is Expat advice, Travel tips and hacks, Listicles, Itineraries, Slideshows, How-tos, or Videos. Articles should be written in first persons and you should be able to share your personal experience in another country, including the necessary details that will be helpful to readers. The story must be original and ensure you go into details when you pitch your idea. Other details and how to submit are in the guidelines.

Budget Your Trip is a website that helps travelers plan and track their travel budgets. It helps readers have an idea of travel prices of places they plan to visit and they can easily create a budget based on the average costs. Travelers can also decide to enter their own expenses when they travel, to add to the record.

Articles for this blog must be at least 2000 words, related to travel, budgeting, backpacking, and exotic places. It must be unique and have proper English grammar and spelling. The guidelines page covers details on how to submit to ensure you get a response and approval.

Travel Daily is an online community dedicated to informing, connecting, and developing the world’s travel industry professionals. Their content revolves around Hospitality, Aviation, Cruise, Tech, Tourism, MICE, sustainability and travel agents.

To write for this blog, simply create a free account on the platform and submit, after which it will be reviewed by the editorial team and published. Check the guidelines page for the link to set up your account.

The Lost Girls is a blog owned by three friends and media professionals who uses the platform to share their personal experiences with the world. The blog has since grown to be the premier travel and lifestyle website for young women.

They also accept guest posts from anyone willing to share their travel experiences. The blog covers a range of topics and you are required to go through the website and familiarize yourself with the content before sending your ideas to them. Articles should be between 500 and 1000 words with a brief bio attached. Check the guidelines page for details on how to pitch your article.

Global Grasshopper is a blog designed for independent travelers who are on a journey to unravel the beauty of the world through traveling. It also serves as a platform for essential information and inspiration for the road less traveled.

To write for this blog, you must be a travel blogger ready to write a quality article of at least 850 words. The title must have been discussed with them before you kick-off with writing and it must be 100% original, as detailed in the guidelines.

The Lost Passport is a blog solely dedicated to travel and everything about it, including adventures, itineraries, and random travel tips. The blog focuses primarily on destinations such as Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, which means articles related to these places have a higher chance of being recognized.

To write for this blog, simply send 2 or 3 suggested topics for consideration. Once it is approved, you are required to write a minimum of 1200 words with about 5 quality photos embedded with appropriate captions. The guidelines page contains details on how the article will be edited and how to submit.

PreTravels is a blog that shares destination guides and tips to prepare readers for their next trip. They do this by sharing experiences from travel bloggers whether from their team or guest writers.

Articles for this blog are required to be a minimum of 600 words with one relevant royalty-free photo attached. The article should be of quality and should link to reputable sources. More details on how to format your post for easy readership and link policy are embedded in the guidelines.


More people today are beginning to embrace the travel lifestyle, as they not only wish to explore the beauties in this world but to also relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle for life. As a result, they constantly seek information on the internet and with the right information available, more people with have the best travel experiences. By guest posting on a travel blog, you won’t just be expressing your opinions but will also be impacting lives.

If you would love to do this but can’t make time for it, you can make use of our guest posting service and you can also contact us if you accept guest posts on your blog and will like us to add it to this list.

The List of Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posting