Custom Logo Design Creation Service

Are you looking for the best logo design to enhance your identity? We have a record of making some of the best logo designs for top firms, brands, and individuals. A logo is a significant part of a company’s brand and plays a huge role in the public perception of the brand. Get it now!

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trafficbox logo design service
[iconbox type=”6″ icon=”wb-building” title=”Enhance your Identity”]A logo is a significant part of a company’s brand and plays a huge role in the public perception of the brand. We understand this and we believe no one should compromise on quality, especially in branding strategy. We have a team of professional designers ready to work on your brand and deliver a top-notch logo design, following your preferences.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon=”fa-paint-brush” title=”Comprehensive Services”]TrafficBox works with professionals to deliver a logo design that echoes your brand’s voice and identity. We believe that creating a well-defined and executed brand strategy starts with a quality logo that will represent the brand. To us, a logo isn’t just a simple design but a design that is borne from the brand’s story- its background and identity.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon=”mfg-user-male” title=”Exceptional Designers”]To make the perfect logo for your brand, you need the finest hands on deck. Our designers at TrafficBox are efficient, meticulous, enthusiastic, patient, and attentive. Their goal is to design a logo that would speak for your brand and create the best first impression. This involves rubbing brilliant minds and making use of the best resources to arrive at an efficient result.[/iconbox]

Logo Design Packages Pricing

You're in good hands if you've come to find our logo design services. While we cater our services to meet the specific needs of each client, we've comprised smart packages of our standard Logo design services, to provide you with an idea of what you'll be getting.

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How we work

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Our 4-Steps Logo Design Process

Step 1

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Choose from our package options to get started. Ensure your preferred package aligns with your needs, to make the most out of it.

Step 2

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What would you like your logo to entail? Share the details with us with enough clarity, so we can look thoroughly through it.

Step 3

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This is when we get to work on your logo design, as we discuss and make plans to bring your ideas to reality through creativity.

Step 4

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We will send the design concepts we have created, after which you are free to request changes where necessary until the design meets your desire.

Choose your preferred design after everything has been done to perfection and own the copyright and source files of the design.

Professional Logo Design Services

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What to Expect From Trafficbox’s Professional Logo Design Service


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The best approach to logo design is to make it as simple as possible, such that consumers get the message easily at a glance. This also position you as a brand seeking the best interest of consumers. Simple and unique designs are now high in demand and our goal is to help send a message with fewer details on your logo.


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One of our goals at TrafficBox is to create a logo design that will always be remembered by consumers that they can easily tell the brand it represents, even after a glance. We create design logos that stand ahead of your competitors.

From Zero to Perfection

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At TrafficBox, all we need are your ideas, whether they are fully formed or not. Share your ideas and requirement for a design logo and we will get to work to bring it into reality. We start from scratch and build it up to perfection until you are satisfied.


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The core of our work is to be excellent and we constantly work towards ensuring that every customer gets 100% of what they paid for. For every design made at our agency, from simple to complicated, we get the best designers to come up with creative concepts. We also consider the background story and primary goal of the brand to ensure we create a logo that directed at the right audience.

Diverse and Dynamic

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Our logo design service cuts across many fields and businesses, regardless of its size. Do you need a logo for t-shirts, banners, letterheads, business cards, envelopes, magazines, Websites, and more? We make logo designs for virtually everything you wish to place a logo on. We design logos for small and large companies across different fields, including Fashion, Beauty, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Real Estate…

Creative & Pro Designers

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We have some of the best designers around that will focus on helping you get a quality logo design. These designers understand that the logo is often the first thing a consumer sees, which could drive their thought process about the brand. They also have a basic understanding of prominent industries and will merge that knowledge with their expertise and your requirements to get a perfect result.

Custom Logo Design Services FAQ

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about our Logo Design Service

What is required to place an order?

We need to know everything about your brand and your preferences on the logo. You can also include other necessary information that will help us design the perfect logo that fits your brand. Feel free to send ideas from other logos for us to better understand what you want.

How much does a logo cost?

The price for a logo differs, as it depends on your requirements. However, regardless of the package you choose, the quality of your logo is guaranteed.

What should I expect from your Logo Design service?

Originality, Unique identity, Multiple file formats, Visual attraction, Perfect brand alignment, Color formats, Black and White Scaled Source files

How long will it take to complete the order?

This depends on your package option, and we will ensure we maintain the delivery time promised.

Are there additional fees?

None at all. Once you select a package, you will be charged only what was specified, unless you request for additional services that were not originally in the package.

How many revisions am I allowed to make?

Revisions are allowed but the number of revisions for each of the designs will depend on your chosen package.

What if I do not like the designs?

That is unlikely to happen but in the event that it does, we can communicate and make amendments where necessary.

Does TrafficBox sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

Yes. We will gladly sign one where necessary, especially if you have to share discrete information that could help us create the perfect logo design for your company.

Does TrafficBox use clipart or readymade logos?

No, we don’t. We have experts at TrafficBox that will create your logo design from zero to perfection!

When will I get Copyrights for my selected design?

You will get copyrights for your design as soon as you choose your preferred option from the design concepts we share with you. Once you download the original files of your logo, you get the full copyrights.

Can I use my own design in my logo?

Definitely! Simply share it with us as soon as you place your order.

What is in the Source Files?

The source files are what the designer used to create your design and can be used to reproduce the design into print. This includes original and editable files in AI, EPS, PSD formats and preview files in JPG, PDF and PNG formats.

Frequently Asked Questions – If your question is still unanswered please do not hesitate to contact our support team!

Learn more about Logo Design with TrafficBox

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Find out even more about the logotypes in the below questions and answers

Why do I need a logo?

A logo is important for every business due to several reasons. It is a combination of texts and visual imagery that forms the identity for your brand. Some key reasons why you need a logo includes:

1. It is the foundation of your brand identity

One of the key things that makes branding successful is if it tells the audience a story that influences their emotions. And the first thing to build the branding on is a compelling logo that tells what the brand is about. This story is told from the colors, fonts, and tones that form the logo.

2. It makes a strong first impression

The first thing your audience most likely sees that is related to your brand is your logo and you have to get it right. The human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. If your logo is designed well, it could get more attention that could bring more customers your way.

3. It is memorable

A logo is a symbol of identification for your brand and most people would be able to tell what brand it is by just looking at the logo. This is because the visuals stick better and help people recall what your brand is about.

4. It distinguishes you from competition

There might many other people doing your kind of business but a logo would distinguish you. A well-designed logo can communicate your mission, vision, and values and your customers can easily tell how you stand out from the others.

What makes a good business logo?

20% of small business owners are willing to pay up to $1000 for a new custom logo while 15% would pay more than that in the quest for a good logo. What makes a good business logo comprises many factors and it is important that your business has all to effectively convey the owner’s intended message.

A good logo must be:

1. Simple

A logo does not have to be complicated to prove its point. For example, look at how simple the NIKE logo is, yet it is recognized everywhere. By keeping it simple, you create a concise and effective brand personality that people can remember.

2. Relevant

How relevant is your logo to your target market? Study your audience and market and ensure your logo tallies with it. One of the factors to consider is the color, which can trigger emotions and also speak better than words. Know what each color represents and see how it will be relevant for your business. Other factors include the symbols and fonts used but remember to keep it simple, yet relevant.

3. Timeless and Versatile

A logo can be used for decades and still be as relevant as the first time it was launched, which is why it is not advisable to follow current trends when making a choice. It should also be versatile to be used anywhere, in any format and size.

What is vector format, and why do I need it for my logo?

A vector file is comprised of formulaic curves and provides complete flexibility for an image to be manipulated. With this file, you can scale and resize your logo and its edges would still be smooth. A vector logo is flexible can come in different formats, with the most common being Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AI), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), and Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). It can also be exported in PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and more.

You need the vector format for your logo for several reasons, one of such being its scalability properties. You can scale it as much as you want without losing quality, unlike other formats that would get blurry and can’t be used on all forms of graphics. You would need your logo to stay clear and crisp on billboards, business cards, posters, and more.

It is easy to edit vector files, so if you want some changes on your logo at any time, you can get it done. With an uneditable file, you would have to redesign the logo from scratch every time you have changes to make. Vector files also do not rely on image resolutions but would rather adjust to the resolution of the device they are displayed.

If you have the vector format of your logo, you don’t need to have all other formats, in order to save space. Vector files need minimal space, as they don’t have to memorize all the coordinates and color information of your logo.

Why should I hire a professional to design my logo?

There are hundreds of thousands of logos in existence today and it would take extra effort to get your audience to recognize your logo and get it to stick to their memories. This is where a professional logo designer comes in; they will help put together all the necessary factors to ensure you get a logo that resonates with what your brand is all about. You also wouldn’t want to go through the stress of creating a logo and realizing that it already exists for another brand.

One crucial part of creating a logo is the color preference. This is beyond you and your favorite colors but rather what would appeal to the brand and its audience. A professional logo designer will help choose the best shade that represents what your brand is and will also bring the logo to life.

A logo can be designed with fonts and symbols or both and only a professional can tell the perfect font or symbol to use and help you decide which path to follow. As a business owner, you might be biased based on other logos you’ve seen or what you have pictured yours to look like. However, with a professional designer guiding you, you will be able to see through the right lens what works best for your brand.

A professional logo designer will also ensure that you get quality logo that is timeless and can be used on different platforms. A larger percentage of these things cannot be done by an amateur in design and while getting a professional might cost you, it would be worth the price.