Self Improvement Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting on self-improvement blogs is the best way to impact other people’s lives while learning and growing in the process. It’s also a great way to take your online business or blog to the next level, as it increases your reach and helps you create a community of people who are keen on self-development.

One of the proven ways to get your business or blog instant exposure to targeted traffic and improve your online authority is guest posting. If your business or blog is within the self-improvement niche, the blogs below are a great way to get started with making guest posts. If your work does not belong in this niche, you could still work your way around it to create posts around self-esteem, happiness, health, confidence, and more while linking back to your site.

Below are some self-development blogs that accept guest posts.

Psychology Today is a magazine published every two months in the US with content from psychologists, academics, psychiatrists, and writers. It also has an online version with a comprehensive directory of therapists, psychiatrists and treatment facilities and blog posts from writers. The content explores every aspect of human behavior and focuses on an audience interested in psyche and self.

To contribute to this blog, ensure your article is original and revolves around psychology. Simply pitch to them what you want to write, why you want it, why you are in the best position to write it, and how it will impact others.

Leaving Work Behind is for everyone leaving their work to start a business. The goal for this blog is to share personal stories and experiences, which includes records of successes and failures. This is to remind business owners that they are not alone in this journey.

To write for this blog, you must have a unique and compelling personal story to tell the readers. It must be inspiring or actionable or both, with brilliant grammar. Simply fill the contributors’ form to get started.

Life Hack is aimed at helping people discover their life’s purpose and live a fulfilling life. This is done via the various articles on the blog that points towards discovering purpose of which millions of readers have been able to benefit from. This blog is looking for contributors who would like to change people’s lives through their articles by presenting fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Categories for guest posting include Brain Power, Motivation, Productivity, Happiness & Spirituality, Work & Success, Communication, Relationships, and Parenting. Simply click on “Apply Now” on the contribution page to get started.

Self Growth aims to provide informative, quality Self Improvement and Natural Health information to help improve the lives of others. This covers topics on Goal Setting, Stress Management, Natural Health, and Alternative Medicine.

Articles must be well written around their core topics and must be between 500-1500 words. Other terms and conditions, including copyright, can be seen in the guidelines.

Pick the Brain is a self-development website that focuses on personal productivity, motivation, self-education, psychology, and Philosophy. Although these 5 core topics are the site’s main focus, they cover everything on self-development, which could sometimes be outside of those topics.

Articles submitted to this blog must be original, unique and relevant to self-development. How to submit can be seen in the writing requirements.

Great Big Minds

Great Big Minds covers a range of niches ranging from personal development, self-improvement, growth hacks and at times digital marketing. They aim to spread positivity, goodness and inspire their readers from all walks of the world.
Guest submissions for Great Big Minds must be 100% original and not published anywhere else. It should be relevant with their current niches. To check out on the rest of the guidelines, read their guest submission details to find out more.

Well Being is for everyone seeking an authentic and soulful way of life. Articles on this blog focus on ethical living and give readers hope to not live only to survive but to be who they want to be. Guest posts for this blog are required to follow their topics of interest, which include Natural Health, Spirituality, Natural Therapies, Environment, Wholefood Cooking, Natural Beauty, Travel, Children and Real Life Experiences.

Your article must be an original and unpublished work. All health claims must be sourced and you must be transparent, give practical examples, and say what you are prepared to say in public. Email your proposal to the team, as directed in the blog guidelines.

Sprout Origin aims to help people achieve their goals, regardless of the emotional or psychological state they might be. This is for those battling with depression, struggling with weight loss, and entrepreneurs.

This blog is actively looking for contributors to write a minimum of 1000 words. It must be original and the paragraphs should be short. The format on how to submit can be seen in the guidelines.

Introvert Dear is a blog for introverts by introverts. The aim is to let other introverts know that they are not alone and that it is okay to be who they are.

The blog is looking for experts, thought leaders, and introverts who have something big to say. The article must be deeply honest and personal and should have a clear connection to introversion and personality type. It should also have a clear message for readers and should be between 1000 and 1600 words. There are other style guidelines required by the blog.

MindBodyGreen focuses on science and research to help readers have holistic well-being. This includes moving, eating clean, breathing, connection, and purpose. They believe that the different areas of our lives are interconnected and when one aspect is healthy, others could also be healthy.

Writers for this blog are required to have expertise in their field, in order to provide accurate and helpful content. In addition, they accept articles on wellness journeys and personal stories about health and fitness. Submissions are to be done via email and the format can be seen in the guidelines.

Your Tango is dedicated to love and relationships, with a focus on helping women feel happier in love and connect more meaningfully in relationships. Topics rally around emotionally intelligent, real, and relatable editorial and touch issues that women think and care about.

Articles on the blog are between 500 and 1200 words. Simply send your pitch to the editor, with a focus on everything relationship. Details on how to submit can be seen in the submissions page.


These guest post blogs are perfect for anyone looking to help others in their self-improvement journey. In addition to helping others grow, you have the joy of sharing, exposure, and traffic, all of which contribute to an increased authority for your business or blog.

If you are would love to enjoy all these benefits and more but cannot put in the time and effort, our guest posting service will be a great option to consider.

Also, if you have a self-development blog that accepts guest posts and you would like to include on this list, simply contact us and we’ll be glad to update our list.

The list of Self Improvement Blogs That Accept Guest Posting