Lifestyle Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to connect to a larger audience and improve your craft. There are many other benefits of writing for other blogs and there is never a better time than now to kickstart it and embrace all of these benefits.

Writing for lifestyle blogs is one of the most exciting things to write about, due to the varying topics of interests that cut across different aspects of life. This is a chance to share your opinions to more people beyond your blog community and audience. You can also write about some of the most recent trends that will influence how people live their lives.

Below are some lifestyle blogs that accept guest posts that you can submit to.

HBCU Lifestyle is a blog for students, alumni, supporters, or advocates in the college to ensure they get accurate information surrounding core issues within and outside the college. Topics of discussion on the blog include college admissions, college life, careers, and financial aid.

To write for this blog, you are required to send a pitch via their contact form with your story idea and links to 3-4 samples of your work, after which you will have access to the WordPress dashboard. Once your account is set up, save your article. Articles should be between 400 and 500 words related to the above-mentioned topics. They must be original and should need minimal edits. The guidelines also require you to add a secondary title and meta description to improve the SEO.  Once your article is saved as drafts, it will be edited and published by the editorial team.

Aha! NOW is a blog that cuts across personal, family, and professional life and can also be referred to as a blog for Self-development and Enrichment of Life and Family. Topics on this blog include self-improvement, inspiration, relationship, parenting, children, seniors, health, work & career, blogging, and other aspects of life.

Articles written for this blog should be at least 1500 words related to the above-mentioned topics. They should be original, plagiarism-free, Well formatted, and free of grammatical errors. Attach relevant links and images that go along with the post. More details on the guidelines to especially help non-bloggers are on the guidelines page.

Mind Body Green helps connect the soul and science, as they touch several aspects of wellness, including the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects. This is to ensure they cover every aspect of a person’s life to help them feel better. They are keen on research and accurate information that are science-backed, to ensure their audience is well informed.

Writers for this blog are required to be experts in their fields or people who would love to share their wellness journey and personal stories that could help the readers. There is no specific word count for the article you share but ensure it is backed up by facts with relevant links from scientific papers and academic journals. Also, include your bio and highlight your credentials, to increase your chances of getting published. Articles should be submitted via email with the format indicated in the guidelines.

Everything Mom is a blog that focuses on building a community of moms everywhere to help them feel happy with who they are and how they’re raising families. This is to help improve their courage and confidence, so they don’t continue to doubt themselves through this motherhood journey. They are constantly looking for mothers from different backgrounds to share stories, advice, ideas, and opinions from their perspectives. They are also looking for experts to bring evidence-based ideas to mothers in their community.

If you fit into that, you are required to write a post between 800 and 1000 words and include relevant links and images where necessary. Use casual words and make the post clear and readable. At the top of the document, include your Name, Email address, a brief author bio with a social link, and a headshot. Details on how to write for this blog and other frequently asked questions are embedded in the guidelines.

Vkool is a blog that covers in-depth knowledge of topics in various fields such as Health, Diet & Fitness, Beauty & Style, Dating & Relationships, Entertainment, and Lifestyle. The blog aims to become the source of interesting and effective knowledge for readers worldwide.

To write for this blog, you must have a track record of writing great content, which you can proof by sending links to a few samples. Your article for this blog must be at least 1500 words with links from relevant sources and one self-promotional link. It must be unique with proper formatting and quality images relevant to the post. The guidelines page contains details on how to get started as a guest blogger and other relevant information you would need.

Men Style Fashion is a fashion blog for men to help them make the best decisions on their wardrobes and outfits. Topics revolve around Must have fashion items for this season, Trends for this season, Tips to get a certain look, Style era, Hairstyles, and Style Icons. Other lifestyle topics that are shared include fitness, cars, travel, dating, and food.

Articles written for this blog must be original and between 250 words and 600 words with proper formatting. Use relevant keywords with a title that is about 7 to 10 words long and include links to relevant sources. How to format your post and the recommended size for images are on the guidelines page, including how to submit.

Mother Earth Living is a magazine committed to educating people about the benefits of self-reliance as they help them connect with the natural world. The magazine contains topics that talk about nutritious foods, healthy living, and an ultimate guide to living the good life.

To be featured as a guest in this magazine, you are required to share basic info about yourself and your family, your lifestyle, the healthy and sustainable aspects of your home, your health, food & garden, and your photo. Details on how to submit are on the guidelines page.

The Glitter Guide is a blog that accepts articles from contributors all over the world on various topics and trends to help improve how people live their lives. Topics revolve around design, food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, kids/babies, and motherhood.

Writers for this blog are required to have strong writing skills and experience, be organized, be creative thinkers with an eye for style, and current trends. The guidelines contain details on how to submit.

Happily Blended is a multi-platform media company that focuses on helping moms have better travel experience. They work with seasoned travel writers and social media marketing experts to ensure their audience have an improved lifestyle.

Writers for this blog are required to be seasoned travel writers or have a knack for inspiring and helping people through their writing. Topics cut across product reviews, parenting, money-making, children, home care, beauty, and more. There is no specific word count but ensure you cover the entire topic to benefit readers. Other things expected of you and how to submit are in the guidelines.


These blogs are a great way to get started on promoting your voice on lifestyle topics with other benefits attached to it. We have a guest posting service to help you with this if you don’t have the luxury of time to write and post on these blogs. In addition, feel free to contact us if you have a lifestyle blog and would love to add it to this list.

The list of Lifestyle Blogs That Accepts Guest Posts