Women Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

There are many blogs, businesses and initiatives today dedicated to inspiring, uplifting and empowering women. If you are passionate about issues related to women and bridging the gender gap, guest posting on women blogs will be a great way to reach out to a wider audience. This will help you explore your passion while also getting exposure and authority for your blog or business.

Topics revolving around women gain a lot of interest in the media and one thoughtful post could get the attention of a global audience. See this as an opportunity to impact lives while connecting with more people from your reading community.

Below are some women blogs that accept blog posts.


Women On Business is a blog that provides information needed for women to be successful. They aim to bridge the gender gap among business thought leaders today. The platform is available for every woman who would love to contribute articles or add their blogs to the directory.

To guest post on this blog, you can either submit a one-time post or commit to weekly contributions. The guidelines contain further details on either of these plans and the submission forms to help you get started.


Money Saving Mom is for mothers who live on a budget and would love to save. It is also a platform to encourage women to aspire for more while exposing them to multiple income streams.

All posts written for this blog should offer practical, money-saving tips, advice or ideas. They require a minimum of 1000 words, with quality and clarity. There’s a submission form to fill on the site, after which you get a response within 4-6 weeks on the status of your post.


Living Well Mom is for every mother who is deliberate about her health. The blog contains tips to help moms live healthier and happier by following realistic ideas that work for them. This includes easy recipes, support for autism moms, activities for kids, general tips on living life to the fullest, and more.

To get featured on this blog, you are required to write articles around food, kids, DIYs, household tips, essential oils and every other thing the blog is about. The post should be a minimum of 600 words and you are free to include links to your blog up to 3 times in the post. Photo guidelines and other extras can be seen in the guidelines.


Totally the Bomb talks about everything, from household tips to kids, self-care, love, beauty, and blogging. While the blog is open to everyone who wants to learn something new, it records over 90% of women who read and constantly engage with the content.

Your article on this blog must be original and revolve around those topics listed to ensure it is relevant to readers. It should be written with clarity and all links must be related to the post. Submissions should be made via an email according to the format given in the guidelines.


Women On The Fence is a women’s lifestyle brand created for every woman who has ever been on the fence, whether in business, love or in life generally. It is for every race and the goal is to teach, inspire, and unite all women. It is for the woman ready to be inspired, empowered and successful.

To write for the blog, you are required to have a well-written article of at least 750 words that is useful to the audience. It must be related to “on the fence” topic, which should be a personal story that talks about your journey. Examples of previous guest posts to inspire you as you write yours and details on how to pitch your idea are embedded in the guidelines.


Woman On The Road is a website for women who wants to see the world on their own, without any partner. It was birthed from the idea that women should be able to travel independently, whether they are young, older, adventurous, shy, timid or more.

This blog is looking for practical destination posts that are written through a female lens and must be directed to a female reader. Your article should be 2000 to 2500 words, which is quite lengthy, as it must be narrative and contain in-depth knowledge of the destination. The post should touch culture, history, etiquette, woman-friendly venues or activities, safety, and more vital information. Examples of previously written guest posts and how to submit yours can be seen in the guidelines.


Sixty and Me is a community that helps women over 60 to live happy, healthy and financially secure. The goal is to help older women find profitable work, stay healthy, and be positive through it. Women are encouraged to be unapologetically themselves, regardless of age.

To write for this blog, you must be an expert in a particular field and should be able to commit to one article per month. Topics to write about include fashion, makeup, dating, health, skin and hair care, money, travel, retirement, grandchildren, and friendship. Details on how to submit can be seen in the guidelines.


Prowess is an online hub that provides support, inspiration, and information for women in business. It contains personal stories and experiences from other women in business, to help others coming after them. The blog aims to help women not only to be inspired but to learn, get support, and get funding.

Articles written for this blog must be well-written and relevant to women in any stage of business. The word length should be between 500 and 1200 words, with high quality cited sources. The guidelines further explain how your articles will be edited and how to submit your proposed blog.


Cafe Mom aims to help every mother by providing useful content that is honest, funny, wise, and uplifting. The goal is to help them feel confident, hopeful and understood.

This blog looks out for parents who would like to share fresh or funny perspectives, experts who have tips to share, and photographers or vloggers who can share visual stories. Articles should revolve around personal essays, research, humor, interviews, parenting tips, visual content and more. The submission guidelines explain how you can submit your work.


If you would love your voice to be heard concerning issues related to women, you are in the right place. These blogs actively look for people willing to write on topics about women. This is a great time to pitch your ideas and increase your exposure and authority in the process.

If you are looking to outsource this, we have a guest posting service available to cover that. We could also add your blog to this list if you own one that fits and would like to include it.

The List of Women Blogs That Accept Guest Posting