Blogging Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is an effective way to improve your online authority as a blogger, especially if you are just starting. There are several blogs out there with a wide audience reach that can help take your work to the next level with a single post. This is also a great way to connect with other bloggers within and outside your niche while attracting new readers to your blog and building a portfolio.

Every blogger wants to be known and have a worthy online authority. No one ever wants to own a blog with little or no reach, thereby making it less significant. Guest posting could be your opportunity to advance as a blogger and let more people know about your work.

There are several blogs on the internet today but we have curated a list of some credible ones below that you can submit guest posts to.

HellBound Bloggers is a fast-growing Technology Blog & Web Community that shares quality information to other bloggers. The content on this blog revolves around Blogging, Social Media, Technology, WordPress, Product Reviews, and Internet Tips. Bloggers and techies from different walks of life share their opinions and ideas on this blog and you too can be a part.

Simply get registered as a guest author on the blog, using the invitation code provided in the guidelines page. After which you update your profile and fill the available forms, to have access to the website to submit your article directly for review. Ensure your content is original with a proper link building strategy and be prepared to engage with the comments.

Daily Blog Tips is a platform for every blogger looking to improve their blogging skills with some of the most useful tips on the internet. Here, you will find everything you need to know about building a brand in the digital space and how to get productive results from it.

Articles written for this site must be related to Blogging and Internet Marketing or personal experience. It must be original and at least 400 words. How to format the post and submit can be seen in the guidelines page.

Famous Bloggers is a platform for bloggers built on the contributions from other bloggers. The idea is to share tips and personal experiences that every blogger can connect to, especially the newbies who are still clueless about a lot. Topics revolve around Blogging Tips, SEO, Marketing, Traffic, Design, Social Networking, and Making Money Online Tips.

Simply register for an account via the form embedded on the guidelines page and set up your profile to have your account updated as a guest contributor. Your content must be unique and between 300 to 1400 words. Also, include no more than 4 relevant and informative links and engage with comments when your post gets published.

Write to Done is a blog for everyone who wants to learn to write better and also get their work published. You can also become part of a small group of elite guest bloggers by joining this platform.

Simply write useful content that readers can benefit from, with examples and anecdotes to connect better with your audience. Your article must be between 800 and 1500 words with proper formatting and two internal links from the host blog. Ensure the title and introduction are eye-catchy and suggest image URLs while submitting. Other Do’s and Dont’s and how to submit can be seen in the guidelines.

Ink Well Editorial is a blog owned by a mobile entrepreneur who is on a mission to help other bloggers grow their craft.

Articles written for this blog must revolve around topics related to Blogging and Affiliate Marketing and should contain links that are relevant to the post itself. It should be at least 750 words with an author’s bio attached. More details on what is expected and how to submit can be seen on the guidelines page.

Be a Better Blogger is a platform that seeks to remind other bloggers that they are not alone in this journey that could sometimes get frustrating. The blog contains content that inspires others while sharing knowledge to help them improve their craft.

Articles must be specifically written to suit the style of the blog and must not be less than 1500 words. Include relevant internal and external links and copyright-free images. Details on what more is expected and how to submit can be seen on the guidelines page. Once your post is published, you are expected to engage in the comments to interact with readers and a community of bloggers.

Blog Dash is a platform that helps connect brands with bloggers by using a Blogger Outreach Software platform for effective communication. It also has a community of bloggers who are willing to share their knowledge and new ideas with others, of which you can be a part of. This way, you get to share your knowledge with others while also gaining from them and benefitting from the blogger outreach feature.

To submit a guest post as a regular contributor, simply create a collaborator account on the blog and submit for review or send via email if you only wish to be a one-time contributor. Articles must be related to everything regarding blogging, B2B and B2C content marketing, SEO, and other related niches. There is no specific word count but ensure you create a high-quality post that is comprehensive enough to readers. Include an appealing image that relates to the topic and an author’s bio. Other details you need to know, including how to submit, can be seen in the guidelines.

Shout Me Loud is a community of enthusiastic bloggers who aspire to be better in their niche. The blog contains practical tips to help bloggers live their passion, with added knowledge on WordPress, SEO, and Social media, and other digital marketing techniques.

To be a part of the hundreds of bloggers already writing for this blog, you need to get familiar with the content on the blog to know what is expected. Articles should be at least 2000 words, high quality and must be related to topics the blog is known for. Also, include images and videos to make your post more appealing to readers. More details on all that is required of you and how to submit are explained on the guidelines page.


One of the best ways to thrive as a blogger is to connect with others in the community in order to learn and thrive in your niche. Guest posting is a great approach to that, as it not only helps you connect with others but also amplifies your voice to be heard by a wider audience. In addition, you get to improve your writing, blogging, and marketing skills in the process.

If you would love to completely embrace this idea but do not have enough time to write for these blogs, following each specification, you can make use of our guest posting service. You can also contact us if your blog accepts guest posts from other bloggers and you would like us to add it to this list.

The list of Blogging Blogs That Accept Guest Posts