Health and Fitness Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Many people today are concerned about their health now more than ever due to the vast information on health that is shared every day. This includes articles written on blogs as regards healthy living to help make more people aware of their health and help them improve on a daily basis. If you are passionate about health and fitness and you want to see more people keep a healthy lifestyle or you offer a professional service in the health industry, you should consider guest posting.

Guest posting will help you explore your field of interest while gaining more knowledge as you share with a wide range of audiences. This also helps improve your readership and online authority, and you could also be a part of a community of people working towards a healthy lifestyle.

If you wish to write health-based articles, you don’t necessarily have to start a new blog. There are lots of blogs readily available to accept your articles and share them with thousands of interested readers. We have put together a list of some of these blogs that accept guest post, as seen below:

Science-Based Medicine is a health blog that explores issues and controversies in science and medicine. Every approach is from a scientific perspective to help readers understand health information and to steer clear of false information. The blog often talks about controversial topics, such as the alternative medicine approach.

Regardless of your credentials, you can write for this blog, as they publish interesting, relevant, scientifically sound, and well-written articles. Ensure it is relevant, follows a proper style guideline and format, and is devoid of any political or advocacy content. Details on the required style guidelines and format and how to submit can be seen on the guidelines page.

Kevinmd is a platform owned by a Medical Doctor and designed for physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, and patients to share stories about their medical experience and health in general. The blog boasts over 3 million monthly page views and you can include your voice to be heard among others by writing a guest post.

To write for this blog, ensure it is a 500 to 1000 word article on any topic related to healthcare. It must be original and free of grammatical errors. Submissions are done via email, as detailed in the guidelines.

Healthy Debate aims to contribute to building a high-quality health care system by providing accessible and relevant information to the public. The content of the blog revolves around complicated health system practices and tackles common health misconceptions.

Articles written for this blog should be between 500-750 words and compared to many other blogs, you can publish the post elsewhere afterward. Submissions are done via email as provided in the guidelines, after which your post will be published in two weeks. You can also include a link about yourself or an organization that you represent.

Hive Health Media aims to connect with more people who are passionate about health and fitness, be it a publisher, an advertiser, a health practitioner or the average person looking to consume quality health content for themselves. The blog contains articles related to health that are easy to understand to promote healthy lifestyle choices. They prefer authors who are personal trainers, fitness experts, doctors, researchers, and health care professionals.

Articles for this blog must be original and must not have been published elsewhere. They must revolve around health, nutrition, and fitness news or random topics related to fitness apps, product reviews, or workout and nutrition topics. To get started, simply register an account and set up your profile on the platform, after which you can submit a post for review and it gets published. More details on what they expect your article to entail in order to be considered can be seen in the guidelines page.

Wellbeing is for everyone who is seeking an authentic and soulful way of living, as they share information on everything related to health. Topics revolve around Healthy food choices, Yoga, Ethical Living, Wholefood Cooking, Therapies, and Environmental Affair, all of which contribute to improving your quality of life.

To write for this blog, do proper research on your topic in relation to what the blog promotes. Avoid advertorial content and personalize the article where you can, to make it relatable and more practical. Articles should be 2000-2500 words in length, with a brief bio attached, and should strictly follow the rules on the guidelines page.

Health Care Guy is a platform that seeks to connect health with the digital world. It shares information on digital health to help people of this jet age maximize what they have to live a healthy lifestyle. Technology keeps evolving and its benefits on health are numerous.

To write for this blog, pick a practical topic that would appeal to readers. Readers of this blog are mainly in the tech field, and they include IT managers, clinical engineers, med techs, programmers, executives, and more. Read some of the posts on the blog to get familiar with what is expected and ensure the content is original, well-written. More on what your article should entail and how to submit can be seen in the guidelines.

HealthResource4u shares medical advice and honest reviews on topics related to health and beauty such as Fitness, Disease, Beauty and Skincare, Women’s Health, Childcare, and more.

Articles written for this blog must be a minimum of 1500 words and align with the blog’s aim. You are required to read previously published posts on the blog to get a sense of what appeals to their readers. Make the article reader-friendly and credit sources properly. Add media where necessary and include a brief author’s bio with a do-follow link to promote yourself. Submissions should be made via the form embedded on the guidelines page.

Health on a Budget seeks to educate more people on how to maintain a healthy diet while working with a limited budget. The challenge for most people is finance, which this blog recognizes and wants to help more people see why and how it is possible to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle without breaking a bank.

Articles must be at least 750 words on topics related to Nutrition, Fitness, Yoga or any health topic, as long as it is in line with the theme of the site. This is not limited to food only, as you can also write on how to save money on hospital bills, dental or optical care, and medicines. If your concern is whether or not your article will be accepted, you can look through some of the posts to get a general idea of what they expect or check through the guidelines page for reasons why your article may not be accepted. This page also includes an embedded form for submissions.

Find Health Tips is the website to keep you up to date with the current trends in the health industry. It works by providing in-depth health information passed in a simple language that the average non-medical person would understand. General health tips are shared consistently to make the concept of healthy living appealing to more people with the simple approach used.

Topics revolve around Health, Wellness, Weight Loss, Grow Taller, Relationship, Diet. Articles must be original, of high quality, and helpful. There is no specific word count required but you will find other specific details in the guidelines.

Super Foods Living is a platform with the aim to see everyone improve in their health, as they share tips on health, fitness, and diet for people to live a healthy and happy life.

To write for this blog, you are required to pitch your idea or title first to ensure you are not creating duplicate content. Articles should be original, a minimum of 1000 words, with the proper media attached. More details are noted on the guidelines page.


Health and Fitness have long been an integral part of our lives and must be taken seriously. The information in this field will not die down anytime soon, as new discoveries would keep popping up. By writing for health and fitness blogs, you will hardly ever run out of things to write. Not only will you be sharing knowledge with others, but you will also learn more by actively searching for the right sources of information, in order to deliver effectively. This will give you an upper hand, which will help improve your health and reduce your risk of certain illnesses.

While this sounds great, we understand that not everyone can spare the time to write for these blogs, especially with their diverse specifications. This is why we have put together our guest posting service to help with this and save you the stress. In addition, if you also have a health and fitness blog that also accepts guest posts, feel free to reach out to us, so we can add yours to the list in no time.

The list of Health Related Blogs That Accept Guest Posts