Quality Web Traffic

Fast Ways To Gain Quality Web Traffic

Web traffic is essential for any website. It is one among the main factors to keep the online business going or generate revenues. However, not all the web traffic that is received is genuine. A statistic was generated on web traffic and as of 2014, the human traffic on the internet accounted for less than 40% of the total traffic.

Thus the internet is dominated by the bots, which is used for indexing search engines and some of them for malicious purposes. So, when your check your web traffic, the analytics and information that you would get might not be an accurate representation every time. This scenario shows how difficult it might get to achieve quality web traffic for your website.

What defines the quality of the traffic?

Quality web traffic doesn’t signify only gaining a large number of viewers. It means having a viewership base for the website, where the viewers are genuinely interested in the content or the product present in that website. Millions of people search for what they want to learn , buy or promote each day and having a quality web traffic deals with bringing those interested readers to land on your site and help them understand what they wanted to know. There are several ways to increase search engine traffic, but quality does not necessarily come into picture in all those cases.

Here are very quick ways to build quality web traffic for your website.

Creating A Forum

Creating a forum for your website allows interested users to discuss among themselves and ask queries relating to the topics in your website. And when their queries are answered and discussions lead to fruitful results, those members of the forum not only come back for more but introduce it to more people and thus this leads to a chain reaction where interested people share your website to others who might be interested in it.

Before you know it, you will be catering to a large set of interested people on your website who will account for a good amount of quality web traffic.

Joining Network Of Bloggers

Internet hosts many networks which are exclusively for bloggers. Platforms  such as Bloggers.com, Indiblogger.in exists that have a large community of professional and non-professional bloggers. You can join them and share your work. You can learn how the methods they used to reach the top and share  with them yours. This leads to many new bloggers to visit your site to see how you have built it.

You might also get a chance to showcase your work to the community built by some other blogger. AS you participate in these platforms like voting other blogger’s posts that you like, same behavior will also be visible for your profile.  Here you can vote and share others post which is valid to your niche and receive a similar gestures.

Submit Your Articles On Popular Websites

Sharing the articles on popular user driven websites like Reddit can bring a lot of  interested readers to your websites. Initially the views might seem low, but quickly it will increase and bring you a lot of  traffic that matters to you. You can share your article son social media like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest too surprisingly provides a very good traffic when you share your articles on the large communities present there.

Connecting With Bloggers In Same Niche

Showing interest in other bloggers’ work in the same niche by commenting on their posts, sharing their articles and mentioning them in your articles can build a great network who will support each other by sharing work, thereby bringing a lot of traffic to your website. This method has another advantage. Others might share some of their tricks and tips to get more  readers or users on board.

Let Us Bring Genuine And Unique Traffic For You

Is there a way to create web traffic that is genuine and serves the purpose of the website? Is there a faster way to achieve it an also being safe at the same time? A single answer exists for both these questions. But before I answer this, I want you to take a journey through one of the vast network on the internet.

Imagine a single website that targets a specific need. Its a niche website that caters to the need of people who want to know about a particular topic. This website would hold valuable content related to that very specific field, thereby attracting tens of thousands of genuine viewers each day. Now, imagine 10,000 such websites covering vast number of nice fields. Imagine that these websites are indirectly linked, helping each other to drive the right kind of traffic to the right website, thereby maintaining the quality of traffic flow.

Such a network would result in millions of quality viewers every single day. What if you can get access to this network? Yes, it is possible, you can write and promote your work and the network will bring traffic to your website through the links in your article.

To answer the earlier two questions, we have a network as you had hopefully imagined before, which is safe and genuine and it is available for you. You can buy quality traffic from us irrespective of the niche that you work on.

Try A Drafting Technique

A popular drafting technique has been discussed by Derek Halpern. The ideology is simple. First you have to find your competitors who have their article on big media websites. Once you have a list of those competitors and the pages from which they got huge coverage,  you can use that list  for knowing what kind of guest post they accept and write  an article on a topic that is favorable to them.  This way you will be using the publicity gained by your competitor to try and turn that publicity towards you, thus driving a great amount of traffic to your site.

These techniques have been used by millions of bloggers at least at one point in time, and has contributed to a good amount of quality web traffic. It is not necessary to practice every method mentioned above to gain the traffic that matters to your website,  it is finding one or more the method that  feels comfortable to you.

Have you tried any other methods that has worked brilliantly with you? have any of the above mentioned ways been of use to you? share it with us in the comments below.