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Streamline Social Media Content For Better Results

Creating a solid presence on social media takes a lot of time and effort. The content that you post must remain consistent and relevant throughout each week. Instead of banging your head over and over again on what to post and where to post it, why not try to streamline the whole process?

When I say streamline, I’m directly referring to social media automation tools. Yes, you will still have to spend some time on social media in order to take full advantage of the automation tools but it will allow you to dedicate the rest of your time towards doing something else to grow your business. This means replying and commenting on your posts in order to increase engagement.

There are plenty of tools that can help you automate a good part of your social media presence. Here is our pick for the best tools that can streamline your social media content for better results. You should keep in mind that none of these will guarantee the same results as hiring a social media expert to handle your online presence. However, if you’re looking for something simple to get you started, I got you covered.

Post Planner

User engagement is what differentiates a successful social media post from an unsuccessful one. You want to be on the right side. In order to do so, Post Planner helps you find the most relevant content published in your niche, including images and videos. As of now, it only works on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and for RSS feeds. Moreover, it can even show you status updates that are worth sharing, based on the number of likes and shares it received.

All you need to do in the beginning is to add as many relevant-to-your-niche social media pages and accounts. You can also add hashtags and blogs (through the RSS feed). Once you’ve set this up, Post Planner does all the work for you. It will immediately and continuously pull content from those feeds and deliver it right at your fingertips.

Everything is ranked based on user engagement to make it easier for you to choose what you post. The app also lets you plan the schedule ahead. You can select the days and hours on which you want your content to be shared on. Choose exactly when you want the photos, links, and comments to be posted on your page.


If you’re seriously thinking about improving your social platforms presence, Hootsuite might be able to help you out. It won’t be cheap but it will do most of your job for you. Everything related to your brand and social accounts is gathered under a single integrated dashboard. From there, you can schedule, monitor, curate the content that will be posted, and much more.

One of the biggest advantages of Hootsuite is that it also tracks your brand mentions. This allows you to be aware of posts that include your brand name. Knowing this helps you better understand how your users interact with your content and what they have to say about your brand in real time.

Thanks to the availability of a mobile app, you can easily save, schedule, and post content while you’re traveling. The possibility of analyzing the metrics on an ongoing basis will give you the in-depth knowledge needed to further improve the quality of the content that you post. User engagement, leads, inbound traffic, and more can be analyzed live.


When it comes to tapping into the vast numbers of social media followers, you might want to consider using influencers. BuzzSumo allows you to do just that with a few clicks of the mouse button. Influencers are a great way of getting your brand acknowledged by large groups of people.

Getting more influencers to promote your brand can mean good business numbers for you. By using BuzzSumo, you can find influencers in your niche, analyze their data (outreach, authority, engagement), and use this to your advantage.

Once you’ve assessed the potential influencers that you could work with, reach out to them and initiate a professional relationship. Delivering high-quality content is key towards attracting more customers and keeping the already-existing ones interested in your business. Influencers already have an established follower base and you could tap into that for increased traffic and potential conversions.

Sprout Social

This is an integrated social media platform that allows you to plan your posts ahead and analyze the engagement that they generate. Unlike the others, you can also use this on LinkedIn , if you’re active on this platform.

The in-built analytics tool allows you to carefully examine and understand which of your posts generate the most interaction between you and your users. This allows you to divert your focus towards the most engaging posts and try to replicate them in order to drive your sales in the right direction.

If you’re using paid marketing, the tool also allows you to analyze the return on investment of those paid campaigns and helps you ditch the ones that are unproductive and nurture those that are. All-in-all, Sprout Social proves to be a handy software for business owners looking to start their social media presence.