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Making the Most Out of Free Targeted Web Traffic through SERP

Targeted web traffic is a method by which traffic is redirected to a specific website and it is done intentionally. Targeted traffic is very useful to build up an audience for blogs or user base for a forum or a customer community for an e-commerce website.

There are two ways to bring targeted traffic to your site:

  1. Free targeted web traffic – There are a few websites that take the advantage of free targeted web traffic to bring in a lot of visitors to their websites. This is majorly done by making sure that their website is an organic result on the search engine results page (SERP). Another way would be to signup with companies like us to get a chance to enter contests that give you free targeted traffic.
  2. Paid web traffic – This involves using vast networks of websites such as ours that get millions of users every day to drive traffic to your website. You could buy web traffic at affordable prices and then leave everything to us to bring to you, unique visitors to your website within no time. If you are confused about it or skeptical then have a look at our guide.

Do you know how big websites create opportunities to get free targeted websites, wherever possible?

This post conveys how minute things help sites bring free targeted traffic to either their own or some other website. Here are a few key highlights of what we found.

New pattern in user’s behavior

The viewing of search results on a SERP has drastically changed. This is, people are no longer focussing on just the top result and clicking on it. As of now, people are searching for organic results on the entire SERP and selecting the most relevant to them. This means that you can now get free targeted traffic just by having a result of your site on the first page of SERP.

Clicking pattern of a Search Engine user

2nd, 3rd and 4th results are the most viewed on SERPs. This doesn’t mean the 1st is ignored. It only means that the combined clicks for the 2nd result to 4th result are better than the 1st. This is why if you advertise with Google Ads, your result comes on the 3rd position and it gets more free traffic.

Schema Markup still makes a difference

When a user searches for something, that person spends more time on the SERP and reads the excerpts or description of the content and then clicks on the most organic results according to that user. This means that as a content publisher, you should make use of schema markup.

Schema markup allows you to provide author pictures, brief description, star ratings of any product that exists. Even though as of now Google has removed the authorship from the searches, schema markup still remains valid.

Importance of Branding

Nowadays, many scenarios occur where branding becomes important and sometimes plays a crucial role. Even though you have written a fresh, unique article and make it to the SERP, there are situations where people have clicked onto websites who have a better brand name than yours.  Thus, companies or websites with a better brand name receives more free targeted traffic.

The relevance of the position of a result on a SERP

It turns out that if you cannot make it to the top 4 organic results on a SERP, you can still try at least for somewhere below it as the number of clicks received for results below the top 4 organic results have drastically increased over the decade and it is now more than it had ever been.

Now that you are aware how free targeted traffic can be got, you can try improving your content or improving your brand to see how well the traffic increases. Have you found out any other method to get free targeted web traffic?  Or have you found an elegant way for brand improvement? Share it with us in the comments below!