Guidelines to Buying Traffic for the Popularity

People usually suggest to have several websites to increase traffic but buying traffic online can also be a good option for the popularity of your website. Certain guidelines to buying traffic have been provided by Google to the webmaster to use this idea for increasing traffic to the websites developed by them. Some of these guidelines are provided hereunder for your consideration.

Try not to buy traffic from tactful websites

The websites that manipulate the traffic for improving their presence on search engines are usually termed as tactful websites. Such sites belong to a group of like-minded people who visit each other’s website and blogs to get the credit of increase in their traffic and for optimizing the presence of their website on high ranks on search engines.

They give credit to their members for their every visit which encourages other members to visit several blogs to get more traffic to their website in the same way. But actually the traffic of this type is unproductive as most of these visitors are not going to be turned into actual customers as they usually hop from one site to another within few minutes.

The pay-per-click sites are also considered as the websites of this category. Getting this type of traffic to your website, which is paid for visiting its every page, may be helpful neither for your search engine optimization nor for the growth of your business.

Avoid getting forged traffic

You should also keep the distance from the companies which provide false traffic to their subscriber websites. These companies have certain superfluous visitors who are programmed to visit various blogs and websites regularly.

These visitors can neither be converted into actual customers nor will they click on your ads to show their interest. They can only give false popularity to your website on the basis of the visitors and the increasing the count of traffic on it.

The easy manipulation of such traffic had compelled people not to believe on such websites showing fake traffic which can not be converted into sales. Your investment on getting such traffic will prove to be mere wastage ultimately.

Study the checklist of Google

You can study and use the checklist provided by Google to buy the required traffic for your website. The chances of getting penalized by major search engines can be reduced considerably by following such suggestions and regulations.

Observe networks partnering the traffic provider

In order to increase traffic to their website, some people forge a limited period partnership with the traffic providing companies but you should check their reputation in the market before partnering with them. The standing of the company will help you in assessing the quality of traffic provided by it. The convertibility of such traffic may be good neither for your site nor business.

Study the traffic reports of the providers

The traffic providing company you contact to get traffic on your website should submit its periodic report to you so that you can asses the quality and number of daily visitors to your site from various sources and devices. You should avoid companies which do to submit such reports to their clients.

Scrutinize the traffic input periodically

It may not be beneficial for your site to get bulk or low traffic abruptly. The flow of traffic daily or weekly to your website should be natural. You should contact companies to buy traffic for your site which allows you to get traffic in a customized manner. You should stay away from the companies that provide an erratic flow of traffic every day.

Guidelines for traffic buying practices

While following the traffic buying guidelines you should also know how to use them for the best effect on your website. Some tips are provided hereunder to how to use them for the success of your business.

Categorize your traffic

Categorization of the traffic to any business had also proved to be beneficial in the real world marketing strategies. Similarly, you can buy your targeted visitors for your site by categorizing them. For example, you can categorize them on the basis of their productivity and non-productivity. Similarly, you can also categorize them on the basis of their age, gender, interest, and location. It will help you in the future to buy the traffic as per your needs.

Check visitors’ activities

Instead of watching the growth of traffic to your site you should also observe the activities of these visitors to know which pages were visited by them after landing on your website. This will help you in optimizing your website by improving its content. Investigation of the activities of the visitors will also help you in knowing the legal position of your website as they may use it for some illegal activities. Analytics tool can also be used for keeping an eye on visitors’ activities to improve your site after understanding their attitude towards it.

Improve returns by optimizing website

The investment you are making to buy traffic for your site should be able to give you a matching return. Though the traffic is increased to your website by buying visitors against money these visitors should be convertible into real buyers for it so that your return on investment can also be improved considerably.

You should frequently check the techniques used for buying traffic for your site to know how you can optimize your returns according to your investment. You can use various methods to test the return of your investment including filters for traffic etc.

Along with testing the strategies you can also improve the landing page of your website to keep the visitors engaged on it to improve your returns on your investment. You should improve the website according to the expectations of your visitors as your visitors are your guests and you are responsible to make them happy by providing them with the material that can attract them. this will compel them to visit your website regularly and help you in getting loyal customers for your business.

Thus the traffic buying guidelines provided above can help you in getting profitable traffic for your website.