Easy Steps To Gain Direct Web Traffic

Do you own a blog? And looking for some valuable tips and technique in order to gain quality traffic on your blog then believe me this post could change your life.

We know the value of traffic for a blog owner because it could be the source of earning for him. There are lots of bloggers who own a marvelous blog but due to insufficient knowledge about blogging they unable to receive organic traffic. It might be possible that some tips and tricks are not new to you in order to gain direct web traffic but in this source of information you will experience a new approach of same technique.

We are revealing some easy steps by following these believe me you can experience a drastic change in your blog traffic. No need to spend several dollars in order to drive traffic via companies, if you follow the steps mentions below with little effort and consistent performance then you can easily drive traffic to your blog.

Content Writing

Yeah! This is one of the most powerful assets of your blog. 100% unique and perfectly written content could easily gain the traffic without doing anything. Other than submitting articles to your blog, you can also submit unique article on article directories and provide an easy way to those who want to share your article in a news feed or newsletter.

Due to this technique your article will supper around the web effortlessly and grab more and more traffic to your blog.

Blog Commenting

You might be aware of this technique! But believe me, this is one of the most effective techniques in order to gain web traffic. Remember one thing while commenting on others blog, comment on those blogs which match your blog niche. Always provide a valuable comment on others blog because in that case blog owner will approve your comment quickly. Do not cross your limit while commenting on a blog and never ever use auto blog commenting software.

Social Bookmarking

There are lots of social bookmarking sites where you can submit your blog URL. Though this technique is a lengthy technique but it gives an extreme output. There are numerous social bookmarking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Fark, Friendfeed and lots more.

Creating a Fan Page

Among all social sites; Facebook is quite popular and the trend of using Facebook is increasing day by day. Facebook offers an amazing facility of creating a fan page. In order to circulate a link of your web then creates a fan page on Facebook and link with your blog. Try to raise the number of fans on a fan page and trust me you can avail direct web traffic from this source easily.


This is another free marketing medium which allows a blogger to gain direct web traffic on your blog easily. All you have to do is just set a channel on YouTube related to your niche and share the link of your blog on it. There are lots of big companies that is using YouTube for their marketing purpose because it is 2nd largest search engine on the internet.

Be a member of Forums

There are several numbers of forums available on the internet related to every niche. Search deeply and join those forums which are related to your blog niches. In replying to the questions asked on forums, you can share your blog link. You can easily become an expert of your field and rule the world of blogging easily. Few names of popular forums are: sitepoint.com/forums, forums.searchenginewatch.com, Seo-guy.com/forum and others.

Search Engine Optimization

Though this technique is a prime technique in order to gain direct web traffic but SEO is a vast field and there are lots of things hidden in this title. If you are good in SEO then trust me no one can beat you in the world of blogging.

Newspaper Ads

This strategy is really popular these days throughout the world. This is one of the easiest ways to share your blog because the percentage of a reading newspaper is increasing day by day. You can call your local newspaper agency and discussed them in order to publish you ad properly. You can spend few bucks for the publication of advertisement and in return you can have tons of traffic with possible earning.

E-Mail Listing

This technique will help to drive millions of traffic to your blog in a short time. There are lots of companies who are providing e-mail listing services in a cheap price. Some companies are: Aweber, Get Response, Mail chimp, IContant and lots more.

Image posting sites

The trend of downloading pictures & taking inspiration from it is increasing gradually. People love to watch pictures rather than reading content. There is lots of websites which are specially designed for sharing pictures only. You can link you blog with the pictures posted on that website. Some website names are: Flickr, Pinterest, and others.

Search Engine directory submission

Last but not the least, in order to drive tons of traffic to your blog, is search engine directory submission technique. In order to drive pure organic traffic to your blog, you must submit your website URL on different search engine directories. Some of famous search engines are: Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, Go, Glazy and lot more. The results are truly awesome because in that way you can share your websites to millions of users easily.


Driving millions of traffic to your blog is not that difficult as you think. All you need to do is little effort and keep patience. In order to gain direct web traffic, you do not need to waste million dollars because in order to get the success you need to do little hard work with consistence performance. The time has changed and becoming the role model in the world of blogging is not as hard as you think. Just keep patience and work hard you will see the change.