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Top 5 Practices To Increase SEO Web Traffic

Even today, Search Engine Optimization is necessary to improve your website ranking and allow your users or visitors to find you more easily through the search engines. However, many people on the web ignore it, thereby leading to good content not being recognised by the web users. A misconception has led many content creators to believe that SEO is something that has been created for IT related people alone and something that is difficult to achieve and hence ignore it. But the truth is that you can start with a few simple practices in SEO for your content and then go for more advanced ones. There are plenty of resources and books on SEO that you can use. This post shares the TOP 5 practices to increase SEO Web Traffic.

Keywords Matter a Lot

Keywords are the words that map your website content to the search engine user. Thus it is important that you select the right keywords that not only represent your content accurately but identifies your content uniquely.

Achieving this requires identifying your niche and performing simple analysis on keywords using free software like Google AdWords keyword planner. Have a look at a simple post that explains how to select your niche and keyword.

Content is Your Soldier

In the battle to rise on top of search results or to gain popularity or to bring about a strong online presence, the content you create will be your soldier. For allowing your SEO to work as it should, you do need an engaging content which is unique, creative and original and that which will make your readers want to come back for more. Whether it’s a good content or bad, the news spreads accordingly and only the websites with content can increase its traffic.

Search engine algorithms detect the relevance of your content with the keywords that you have selected. Thus, relevant content is always rewarded by those search engines. And you will have to focus on that to drive the SEO traffic to your site.

Focus on the URL

Search engines analyse the Structure of URLs for their Domain and sub-domains. The people making searches using the Search engines click on the links which have a better URL structure.

To make the most of this SEO, you will have to structure your website domain the right way and it is easy to learn the best practices or structuring URLs.

Visual-Based SEO is gaining importance

We saw trends where top websites required a good amount of visual content to stay on top of SERPs.  To get more SEO traffic, you will have to do more than just settle for text-based content. Visual SEO deals with adding related illustrations, high-quality video or images that are original and unique. What is being called as infographics, websites with more of relevant graphics is ranked higher of SERPs than other websites with only text. Also, in a case when a video goes viral, it can generate a lot of backlinks to your website.

You can check out a lot of examples of infographics and then start creating your own illustrations and videos and start sharing them on popular social media and video sharing sites to generate backlinks.

Pay attention to little details

Little details are often ignored or left incomplete. These minute details can sometimes cost you a lot. But what does little details mean? Well, this includes how well the content is presented. The look and feel for humans, as well as robots assessing your content, are somewhat similar. Here are a few minute details you can look out for:

  • The Target Keyword: make the target keyword of your article in bold and italics. This will help search engines identify your keyword faster and can lead to a good impact on your search engine ranking. If you see in this post, the target keyword is “SEO Web Traffic”  and it’s first occurrence is in bold and italics.
  • The Headings: Like how people find it easier to grasp something based on heading, robots can benefit from having headings too.  In this post, all the headings are of <h3> or “heading 3” type.
  • Paragraphs: It always helps to break down big chunks of data into smaller paragraphs which can convey information in a more pleasant way.
  • Links: Add links to relevant sites that share information on the topic that you are writing about. Doing this sends a trust signal to Google about your website being safe and generating good content.
  • Multiple Use of Target Keyword: Moz says that for a short post the target keyword must be repeated 2 to 3 times and for a long post 4 to 6 times. This can help the Search Engine algorithms to rank you higher for that keyword search. But, it is important to note that over usage of the target keyword leads to a negative effect.

So, there were the TOP 5 method. What do you think about them? Have you used them? How useful was it? Share it with us in the comments below.