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Get Into Google News to Increase Your Traffic

No one likes to work more than expected. As Steve Jobs said: “Do not work 12 hours a day. Use your head”. Google News is an aggregator of news and relevant materials from the largest search engine. More than a million views a week and the reputation of the most trusted news source, Google News continues to pick up steam more and more.

Google News gives online resources the opportunity to increase their traffic and profits. I note that the display in gives not monetary benefits only. When your website is in the Google News search results, users usually trust your site more, which leads to an increase in the number of interactions with this traffic and improved behavioral. Before you add your site to the list of indexed sites, Google search engine sets toughish conditions.

Content Type

 At first, Google will not include:

  • Articles “how to … (earn a million without leaving your home, become the lord of the universe, etc.)”
  • Ads
  • Jobs
  • Advertising content
  • Purely informative articles (weather forecast, exchange rates, etc.).

To be more precise, content units should be “timely on issues that are important and interesting.” Google is only interested in current and fresh content. Many companies are making a lot of effort to create new posts on the blog, instead of analyzing and updating existing articles or landing pages.

Most often, search engines (especially Google) are unpredictable, and despite well-chosen semantics, an explicit reference to the article, optimized pictures and a bunch of other nuances, it is still a little of a lottery to promote a query. It is impossible to say which article exactly on what request and in what time will be in the Google TOP.

It usually happens this way: you post an article while you wait for it to be indexed, follow its growth dynamics in the search results and sometimes this process takes more than one month before the result seems satisfactory and sometimes it may not happen at all.

It also happens that by spending a week collecting semantics in depth and writing an article of 3000 characters, you are surprised to find that 300 words article in length is on top in the Google search results. If the volume of the selected article is less than 2000 characters, then the easiest and most effective way to attract more traffic to it is to increase the number of words.

Make sure the added content also adds semantic value. Do not write “water” paragraphs, add new sections in the text, which most fully reveal the subject of the article. Adding new information sections to the article will allow attracting traffic to it according to an additional list of related keywords.

When adding related fundamental inquiries to the article, relying on additional questions with a “long tail.” For example, if you have an article about CTR, add paragraphs containing clarifying low-frequency queries like “Which CTR is considered good” or “CTR for additional relevant phrases.”

It will increase the density of keywords without the risk of re-optimization, and will also attract more traffic on the list of targeted low-frequency speakers. Check which position and for which inquiries the pages you selected are there. It can be done using services like Serpstat.

If the article is on the 5th and lower positions, spend its additional optimization by adding keywords and their synonyms in the text, metadata, and subtitles, also do not forget to put down contextual links containing key queries to thematically related blog articles, all this will raise the page in the results. Once in the TOP 3, you can collect up to 80% of organic traffic on it upon inquiry! It is much easier to move a page from the top 10 to the top 3 than to immediately take a new article to the leading positions.

Preliminary training

To post on Google News, you need to create a separate section “News” with the corresponding or address. Then make sure that each URL accurately contains keywords, for example:

News article “How we spent the summer,” the CNC for it should look like this: how-we-spent-the-summer

Make sure that the “News” section is updated occasionally, at least once a week. The article should be in a business style (chief editor service will help), be relevant and exciting. It can be easily found and shared.

Readability and uniqueness

Of course, the content that you create must be completely original (more than 90%) and designed by you or by employees of your company. Google tells us that text content should be without explicit advertising and written in clear language, only the largest search engine knows what it means.

Authority and credibility value

Text content written by industry experts, based on experience and knowledge, always has a higher chance of being accepted by Google News. The more confirmations Google receives about the expertise and credibility of the content on your resource, the better, the more authoritative your website becomes as a source of information and rises in the internal Google News ranking.

Pay attention to the very structure of the Google News website and create a similar one on your resource, this will be a big advantage for publishing, that is, we thereby increase the chances of being indexed before others. By creating this structure, you send a signal to Google that you want to simplify the search for news content faster.

Meta tags

Be sure to use meta-tags and do not confuse with classic meta-tags for page design with keywords and search engine promotion. These unique tags help Google determine what your article is about and significantly increase your chances of being indexed.

The sitemap for Google News

Be sure to place a website map. The sitemap file contains a view of the structure of information on the website. Because Google uses a special content selection algorithm for news, which determines which articles are worthy of indexing in its story, and which should make additional technical adjustments before publishing articles, before publishing, check and make sure the URL and CNC reflect the content of the topic. It should come as no surprise that reports are published only in HTML. Google cannot recognize pdf or something else.

How to apply for indexing in Google News

After fulfilling all the above conditions, send your Google website for indexing, that is, you must create an application. Most websites receive a refusal of their first request, and the waiting period until the next application is 60 days. Therefore, instead of crossing our fingers and praying, we still recommend that we give our checklist more time to recheck. Fill out the application form for Google. The required information is minimal and does not display all the technical requirements for implementation. After completing the application, make sure you see the status of your application. If the condition is a failure, the first thing you need to find out is why the request was not accepted.