Best 5 Books for SEO

The major concern of the online business is to have a better ranking on the search engines. If there is a chance for your website to get the kind of attention that it needs then it can get better traffic.

If your blog or website requires better attention on the web, it should be in the top list that is published by search engines as a result of the keywords entered by the users. Gaining a position in the top list of the search engine can be possible only through better search engine optimization techniques.

Here are the best SEO books available in the market that can guide you properly in making the better strategy when you are optimizing your website.

The Art of SEO

It is one among those SEO books that can provide you with pile of knowledge. The Art of SEO book comprises of 500 pages that include various tactics, concepts and strategies related with SEO for the industries and business to gain better exposure online. The authors of the book are Stephan Spencer, Jessica Stricchiola, Eric Enge and Rand Fishkin. There are chances for the algorithms of the search engines to get changes in constant manner, this book can provide an insight of the basic knowledge you need about SEO which won’t ever get outdated.

Marketing in the Age of Google

Marketing in the Age of Google it is one among those best SEO books that can provide a greater level of explanation about SEO. The important concepts related with SEO are discussed in this book and it also deals with the need for communicating well with the stakeholders along with the formation of a great SEO strategy.

Web Analytics 2.0

There is no possibility for calling yourself as an SEO expert if you do not have any knowledge about the platform of web analytics. This s the book from Avinash Kaushik that can help you in understanding in depth about yahoo analytics, Google analytics and any other tool that you may be utilizing fir improving your SEO strategies. There is no scope for SEO without using the web analytics packages of these search engines. This book can help you in enhancing your abilities and can transform yourself into an expert in web analytics.

Don’t Make Me Think

Don’t Make Me Think is a book that can provide you with a higher level of introduction towards the topic website usability and this book is written by Steve Krug. The best SEOs in the industry know that website usability and SEO are things that should go together for providing the website the great exposure that it needs. There is no meaning in optimizing the topics that do not have any association with the niche of your business as this can make your website confusing leading to lose of visitors.

Letting Go of the Words

This book is written by Ginny Redish and it clearly projects the things that visitors are expecting from you on the website. Letting Go of the Words it is also basically on the website usability and talks about the irrelevance of keywords stuffing which can only make content artificial.