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How To Find Website Traffic Data The Right Way

Every single blogger is passionate about traffic. In order to gain traffic, he used to visit others blog for finding their high rated keywords and other miscellaneous things in order to compete with that blog. Due to lack of knowledge bloggers don’t even know where to find accurate traffic data and its detail summary.

In the world of blogging many online tools are available which could be used to find traffic data of anyone’s blog. Those tools could be free or paid. We are going to reveal some valuable and effective tools that could be used by any blogger and understand the traffic data, statistics, high rated keyword and other things of their competitor’s blog easily.

No need to pay dollars for this purpose because we are going to share tools that are absolutely free. In order to find website traffic data, you can use it by yourself. Do remember one thing that the traffic stats of these tools are not 100% accurate but you can take it as approximate data for your ease.

In order to track traffic stats we are categorizing into two parts:

  1. Tracking of Traffic Stats from your website
  2. Tracking of Traffic Stats with the help of free tools

Tracking of Traffic Stats from your Website

Tracking from Blog commenting

If you own a good blog and want to examine the number of traffic freely from your own website then you can try this way. It gives you accurate numbers of people who actually visits your website and left a comment on your post. According to an experiment, it has been noticed that 1 of every 200 visitors leave a comment in that way you can easily examine the number of traffic.
If you get 10 comments on your post then you can calculate the number of visits easily by multiplying with 200. Remember one thing that it will give you an approximate result.

Tracking From Stats option (Word-press)

If you use the platform of word-press then you can also check the number of visitors easily on your blog. Click on the Dashboard option and on the left panel click on the Stats button. It will show a statistical data of blog traffic.
In this section, you can easily find out the source of traffic, daily visits, high rated keyword of your blog and lot more things. Friendly suggestion, if you really want to improve your blog then must visit this section on a daily basis.

Tracking from Embedded Videos

If your blog have embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos then it would be easy to track traffic data. If you installed a plugin of these video players then just click on Play It option and it will show the number of views on that video.

Tracking of Traffic Stats with the help of Free Tools

There are varieties of tools which could be used for examining the traffic stats of anyone blog, but very few gives almost accurate and detailed result, some of which are:

The name of this website might not be new to you because of its popularity. When you open the URL of Alexa you can see an Enter URL option at the top of the homepage. All you have to do is just enter the blog URL which you want to examine. After a while, a screen will appear having following details:

  • Global ranking of a blog
  • U.S ranking of a blog
  • Daily page views
  • Average time spent by visitor on a blog

The details are quite helpful for the analysis of your competitor’s blog. You can check the popular page and improve your blog in order to compete with them. You can also experience lot more thing via this platform which could be helpful for you in order to compete with your competitor’s blog easily.

Under the shed of Google, there are varieties of tools that could be helpful in order to find website traffic data. Let’s reveal one by one:

Google Display Planner/Ad Planner

In order to find website traffic data, this tool is exceptional because of its accurate results related to traffic. With the help of this tool, you can revel following things: Number of visitors, Average time spent by a visitor, a total number of page views and lots more.

Google Ads

This amazing tool is located in the business section of Google panel which you can see after signing in to your account. All you have to do is just enter your website URL which you want to target and after a while it will give you a detailed result.

Google Trends

This is one of the easiest tools for bloggers in order to find website traffic data. In other words, you can consider this tool as an accurate of finding website traffic data. It is simple to use and absolutely free of cost.

On the top of that page there is an option of entering your website URL, it might be possible that you could miss that search bar because of its appearance. After entering the address of blog URL, you can easily see the statistic report analyzed by Google trend.

Google is really helpful for those who are linked with the world of blogging. It provides lots of opportunities to them which are absolutely free of cost.


While summarizing a long story short, there are lots more tool which could be used for the purpose of finding website traffic data but when we talk about authentic the above mention free tools are exceptional for bloggers. You can also examine your own blog for summarizing daily traffic on your blog other than using free tools.

So, the time has changed and you have dozens of free tools by which you can evaluate the amount of traffic on any blog. Keep working and you will the change in your life.