Find Web Traffic

How to Find Web Traffic Data in 7 Easy Steps

Are you a blog owner? Then you must be aware of the importance of traffic. Earning huge traffic is very necessary for running a successful blog but at the same time monitoring the traffic of competitor’s blog plays an important role in order to make your blog better.

There are lots of people who are coming towards blogging or new to the world of blogging. Due to lack of knowledge new bloggers does not know about finding traffic data of their blogs. In order to find web traffic data, there are numerous sources by which you can get detail report easily. No matter either you own a blog or not, you can use these in order to monitor your competitor’s blog too.

Keep an eye over competitor’s blog

This technique works every time because by keeping an eye over competitor’s blog you can come up with a better idea and earn more and more traffic easily. Many people might be aware of free tools that could be used for find web traffic data, but we will discuss in detail with some hidden secrets.

Here are 7 easy steps to find web traffic data easily, the results of this site might not be accurate but give you clear picture about blogs earning, clicks, unique visits, source of visits & other useful information. Let’s get started:

Alexa: A complete Web Information Company

The name of Alexa might not be new to you because it is one of the most popular and leading company related to web information. One thing which is excellent about Alexa, It is absolutely free of cost. The best tool for bloggers who want to monitor the stats of a blog. While analyzing a blog it gives details about:

  • Page views
  • Bounce rate of a blog
  • Search analytics
  • Earning
  • Source of traffic
  • Website reach (This is according to the analysis of Alexa only)
  • Unique visits
  • A lot more

As compared to Google analytics, it might not be worthy but the results are almost 95% accurate. Alexa’s stats of page views are almost accurate. In the list of free tools, Alexa holds the top position for the use of bloggers. The importance of this tool cannot be denied because it is really a helping hand for bloggers that are new in this field.


The name of this website reflects the meaning of its strength. There is no doubt about it that Compete is best for comparing competitor’s blog. By using this platform, you can easily evaluate the strength, weakness and accuracy of one’s blog. The results are not 100% accurate, but it reflects the clear scenario of a blog. In short, this free tool could really summarize a traffic data of anyone’s blog in shortest possible time. Though the results are not perfect but up to the standard which could be used for any purpose.

Google Ad Planner

Google really work hard in order to facilitate people at their best, in that case, Google invented a tool named “Google ad Planner or Google Media Planner”. This tool works beyond your expectation because of its accurate results. One can get the data of key phrase of competitor’s blog with the help of this tool. You must learn and try this tool in order to find hidden stats of blog.

Google Insight

You might not be aware of the importance of this tool for finding web traffic data. Google insight is an advanced tool for evaluation most valuable key phrases or key phrases groups. You can use this tool for searching best key phrase on competitor’s website that drives a maximum number of visitors.
The weakness of this tool is hard to read the traffic data by a user. The good thing about this tool is that it gives a reliable source of information because of linked with trusted source.

Google Trends

Google trend is one of the best sources for finding trending keywords over the internet related to different niches. With the help of this tool, you can evaluate a traffic data on a specific keyword. The weakness of this tool is that you cannot use this tool for the comparison of sites. The good thing about this tool is that it gives an authentic number of traffic data for particular searches. You can access this tool free of cost.
All you have to do is just enter the website URL you want to examine on the top of the Google trend page and click on Go button. After a while you will see the detail result of blog stats with page visit, high rated keywords and else.


Quantcast is a free tool which gives you estimated the number of traffic data for your analysis. This tool is equipped with free media planner tool that could be used for various purposes. The outcome of blog traffic presents nicely so that every user can understand easily. The weakness of this tool is that, sometimes the traffic data is unreliable or inaccurate because it works on the basis of the estimation.


This is another extraordinary tool for finding a web traffic data. SEMRush is the best tool of examining traffic data. It is absolutely free for beginner’s but for premium and expert level you have to pay 499$ per month.


If you are new to the world of blogging then all the name of above tools might be new to you. This is the best time to learn these valuable tools and implement on your blog. Keep in mind, there are lot more tools in order to find web traffic data, but the tools mention above are extracted from the core of the industry. By using above tools, you can improve your website or you can compete with your competitor’s.
So, in order to find web traffic data is not a big deal because of the availability of free tools. Learn these tools first and implement for the improvement of your blog.