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How The Best Web Traffic Generator Work

While going through that never ending search for the right website that will give you the traffic you desire, most of you would have come across websites who claim themselves to be the best web traffic generator available in the market. You might have wondered how these guys get so much traffic to websites in such short notice? Is this some kind of scam or are they legitimate? Are such traffic generators really worthy time and money? What kind of traffic are they actually going to get you? Even the best web traffic generators avoid answering such tricky questions. Here is a detailed study how some of these traffic generators actually work. This will give you a fair idea whether to buy traffic from such websites or not?

But first let’s define traffic. How you treat traffic may or may not be different from how others treat traffic. Some may see traffic as a hit to their website no matter where it comes from, while for others traffic is actually the number of people who come to a website and read their stuff.  If you are in the first category of people then sure traffic generators do increase traffic but if you are among the second category then no website traffic generators do not increase traffic but sure will make you liable for penalties caused by breaking the rules of search engines.

There are a number of ways through which these traffic generator programs work. Some of them are very simple and obsolete while others are relatively new.

Robotic refreshing

This is the oldest and most trivial way to generate traffic. Imagine visiting your website and refreshing the web page again and again. Robotic scripts do the same thing. They go to your website and access it again and again at a very fast rate. This sure will increase your traffic counter but it doesn’t do anything else. Such practices are obsolete now as quickly repeated traffic from same IP address gets blocked.

Routing traffic through proxies

As an alternative to robotic refreshing from same IP, marketers started routing the traffic through different IP addresses which made it appear like traffic coming through different places. Once again this does not add any value to the traffic apart from counter reading. A few years ago, this practice has also been blocked successfully.

User agent switching

To get around the proxy IP blocks, robots started switching user agents. The user agent is a unique identifier of the browser and computer configuration used by a person.  Robots changed this information to make it look like different individuals are accessing the website.

Click-farm traffic

Much alike robot refreshing, click-farm traffic also does the same thing. It is just done by real humans instead of robots. Such shops also run on the same principle, increasing the traffic counter without reading the content.

Traffic hijacking from different sites

Hijacking traffic from other legitimate sites though gives you real traffic but this is even more dangerous practice. Hackers essentially hijacks into a legitimate website and redirects their traffic to a domain of your choice. As the visitors are looking for some different website they intended to when they continuously reach yours instead, they can get really pissed off.

Overall buying traffic through traffic generators is not a very good idea after all. We at TrafficBox do not follow any such practice and all the traffic we provide is 100% real human traffic with no bots used.