Global web traffic

Ways to Drive Global Web Traffic to Your Site

Global web traffic mostly consists of bots, crawlers and spiders that scan the internet for newer content and index them with the search engines for others to find. These bots can also be created for malicious purposes. However, the rest of the traffic is from humans and that is what needs to be exploited to get genuine visitors to your site.

So, the human part of global traffic needs to be driven to your site for it to grow and also bring in steady revenues. This post shares a few ways you can divert traffic to your website.

Get Rich Snippets from Structured Data

Snippets help you by attracting the search engine user to click your link on a SERP.  Google supports, expands a variety of snippets and also removes a few. For example, snippets could be Events, places, audio, definitions, time, Video etc. and these make your result more attractive. Google removed the Authorship snippet which was of great use to many people.

You can learn a lot about Schema SEO from the presentation given by Matthew Brown from MOZ regarding this topic.  Rich snippet types are explained along with all the other things one would need to know.  Thus, snippets can bring a lot of clicks to your website.

Use Immense Networks to Help You Bring Huge Amount of Traffic

Vast networks such as ours are connected with tens of thousands of websites that collectively bring millions of views each day. These websites span across a multitude of niches and covers a wide variety of topics. What we do with this immense network is that we use this to promote your business or website. We divert the traffic we get to you. To do this we charge a very small amount of money but the benefits you get will be a lot.

We charge you only for unique visitors that you get through us. We have a variety of packages at affordable rates so that most of them can make use of this. We allow you to select your niche and campaign period and bring you genuine, unique users from across the world within 24 hours of you buying traffic from us.

Research and Lure your Target Audience

Researching your target audience is very helpful. It clearly gives you a picture of what your audience want and enjoy. You can then use your creativity and knowledge to create the articles or content which will bring you more traffic. Once you get the right content, then the Search engines will do their part of giving you a better rank thereby increasing your traffic.  Here is a great article on researching about your target audience.

However, this is just half of the story. Another trick to lure more Target audience or whoever is related to the content you create is by giving them offers that they cannot refuse. Present them with e-books, goodies, information guides, subscription to newsletters if you have. Run contests and polls and reward some of them. This not only brings an existing reader back to your site, but also makes them share it with someone else they know.

But what you get in return for this small investment is increased traffic, good publicity and feedback from your target audience, so you will know how to get better at it.

Use the Social Network to your benefit

Social networks can bring a lot of traffic. Viral content has been helped by social networks a lot to become viral. So, you can also try using this to showcase your work to a vast number of people using the social networks and drive traffic to your website.

To make use of these platforms, join groups and communities on websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Participate in those groups and occasionally share your content.  Do not over post and spam others. You will lose traffic in that case. Ask help from your network to share your content. Mainly stay patient, large traffic does not happen in one day.

Leverage the Power of Multimedia

You would have heard of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  People love to see pictures, illustrations and other types of media than to read through a lot of content. Make use of this power, create and share different types of multimedia so that people come to your website for more thereby increasing traffic.

Start by creating illustrations or using screenshots of what you mean. Try doing podcasts and webinars and do it punctually so that your audience know when they can come back for more. Make videos. It can be explanatory, informative or tutorial video and share them on your website. You can share your podcasts on SoundCloud and videos on either YouTube or Vimeo or other video sharing sites. They can bring you a large amount of traffic.

Also make illustrations and learn to create infographics which are Pinterest friendly. This way, your website content can be very easily shared and also makes your website more presentable.

These aren’t the only methods to drive the global traffic to your website. Have you used any of these and succeeded? Do you have any other awesome methods that you have used? Share it with us in the comments below!