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20 Best Ways To Build Web Traffic

If you want to succeed in your e-venture, knowledge of how to build web traffic is the key. Lack of website traffic is one of the most common and toughest challenges that almost all new e-Businesses face.

The harsh reality is no matter how great your site is, chances are thin that a customer will happen on your site if you do not have strong online presence. This article gives you a whole new arsenal of to-the-point tips which will help you build web traffic to your website.

Long tail keywords

Start looking for long tail keywords which are relevant to your business. Such keywords not only have less competition but also carry very high conversion rate. A guy searching for pizza restaurant in Manhattan is more likely to order a pizza than a guy for pizza restaurants.

Start a forum on your website

Forums are great ways to attract more website traffic, increase time on-site, decrease bounce rate and rank higher for long tail keywords. An active forum can literally do wonders to the traffic of your website.

Promote your blog to email subscribers

Email is still one of the best ways to give your blog reach an audience.  A regular email newsletter to your subscribers keeps them updated about your activities and encourage them to interact more with you. However, do remember not to spam their inbox with too frequent emails. This will not only lose their interest but will also cause you a lot of troubles.

Facebook groups

Relevant Facebook groups where people can put up their queries and get solution can be a good way to both increasing good faith and traffic.

SEO your old content

Do not forget to optimize your old content and give them relevant title tags, URLs and Meta description.

Start contributing to other well-known websites

If you contribute the articles on well-established websites like Forbes, Huffington you not only create high-quality backlinks which will improve your Google ranking but will also generate a lot of traffic along with establishing expertise in the area.

Optimize headlines

Headlines are the first thing that your reader reads. Only a good headline can retain the reader and intrigue him to read the whole article. Make sure to have an interesting and clearly articulated headline.

Guest blogging

Guest articles on blogs which are related to your field not only increase the interest of your readers and establishes you but also drives traffic to your website.

Internal links

Internal links are links to other blogs which are related to the subject. When you include internal links in your blog, you not only increase time on site and conversion rate but also contribute to improving SERP ranking of the page.


Similar to StumbleUpon, Reddit can also be a big source of traffic for your website.

Post frequently

Based on trial and error you need to find out your optimum frequency which can get you maximum traffic. Usually, it is found out that 6 posts a week gives good results.

Mention people

While citing people do not forget to mention them using @.

Use analytics

Use analytics to find out what strategies are working for you and what is not. Focus on successful strategies.

Feature most popular blog

You can feature most popular blogs on the related subject and get even more interaction.

Be active on Facebook

Facebook can still lead high convertible leads to your websites. So share regular updates and blog posts on your Facebook page.

Socialize with influential bloggers

When writing a new landmark post do not forget to contact influential bloggers of your field. You might be surprised, they can also promote you or even take your reference in their articles.


Categorizing your posts not only help users identify the content which is most relevant to them but also helps in SEO.

Answer questions

Not only on your website but also on websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora. Such websites can be an excellent source of potential customers.

Generate leads

Try not to be dependent on just one or two aspects of your business. Try to become a member of industry-specific groups and panels.

There is no specific one way to generate leads and increase website traffic. You have to try everything and find out what works best for you.