3 Ways to Boost Cryptocurrency SEO

The world has gone digital and as of 2017,  it was calculated that 90 percent of U.S. businesses were using social media for marketing purposes. This means for any business to thrive today, you will need more than the mainstream media and this is where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing is a cost-effective and measurable way to reach a wider audience for your business. It also helps you to know your customers’ behavior and how they engage with your content per time, which will help you serve them better, thereby yielding more leads and sales. 

The cryptocurrency industry has thrived for years since bitcoin was invented in 2009 and if you own a crypto business today, you will need digital marketing to promote it to the right audience.  This is where ICO SEO, Digital Marketing ICO, Bitcoin SEO, SEO Coin, and other forms of marketing tactics for the cryptocurrency industry come in.

Cryptocurrency Digital Marketing

Cryptocurrency digital marketing is an important topic of discussion today, as more people need to know what it’s about, how it works, and how they can leverage it. To make your crypto business thrive in this digital age, you need to introduce digital marketing into your business. 

Existing channels such as Telegram, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, and Facebook, have been effective so far in promoting cryptocurrency. Despite this wide coverage, the mainstream media still focuses on Bitcoin first over others, and at the mention of crypto, most people would easily interchange it with Bitcoin. There’s more to crypto than that and to improve the industry, we’ll need viable marketing tactics, which includes using SEO for cryptocurrency generally and bitcoin digital marketing, which can be further broken down into SEO bitcoin and bitcoin keywords list. A combination of these with the right strategy will yield effective results.

Every crypto project or business require a cryptocurrency marketing agency to improve public interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. There are different forms of digital marketing tactics that you can apply and this includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Mobile Advertising. You can maximize either or all of these forms of marketing to reach your goal.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a top contender in digital marketing tactics and it can be applied in SEO cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency SEO keywords, you can create valuable content that will attract quality visitors from search engines who will engage with your content to yield effective results. You need keyword research for your SEO strategy to work perfectly. This research can give you top bitcoin keywords to use on your site and embed them within your content.

Many people and firms are trying to gain people’s attention on the internet and to have an edge over your competitors, you need keywords for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you work with.

Quality Content

While keyword research will help your content rank high on search engines, it is not enough to get the work done. You will need quality content to match the bitcoin keywords that you may have gotten from your research. The content must be in-depth, properly formatted, devoid of grammatical errors, and must be original. Most importantly, it must be resourceful content that your audience would be content with and get all the answers they need. Quality content combined with an effective digital marketing strategy will yield great results. 


Backlinks occur when a website links to another website and it is also an important digital marketing tactic that can be used to promote your cryptocurrency. By using backlinks in your website, you will be giving a signal of quality to search engines, which will improve your SEO optimization. It’s also great for branding, building relationships, referral traffic, and promotion. 

On the other end, if other sites are linked to your website, your authority on the web will be improved. There are different ways to get quality backlinks to your site. This includes building relationships with other site owners to get them to reference your content and you can also create valuable content on your site that other sites would gladly link to without you asking. Also, you can buy backlinks with bitcoin; some site owners would appreciate getting bitcoin in return for linking to your site. 

What is Cryptocurrency SEO?

Cryptocurrency SEO helps you gain more traffic in the crypto industry to drive customer growth, sales, and referral. There are several crypto sites available today contending to rank top on search engines and what puts you ahead of them is SEO. You will need quality SEO traffic and this can be gotten via keyword research, content optimization, crypto website structure, and link building for cryptocurrency.

To get more sustainable results in the crypto industry, you will need an effective SEO strategy to get the highest quality traffic. It will also help you market your product to the right audience. The earlier you apply this to your crypto business, the better.

Why is Cryptocurrency SEO necessary?

Anyone can create a website and put out random content with the hope that it gets to the right audience and garner enough traffic. However, you can be more strategic with it by applying SEO tactics to ensure it gets to the right people at the right time, ahead of your competitors. This means doing certain things that will improve your rank on search engines. 

Cryptocurrencies are fully digital and with the numerous benefits they offer over traditional banks, new customers are constantly trooping in. The first step for new customers is research and when they search certain keywords on Google, what do they see? With your website ranking high on Google,  you are likely to meet the needs of these new customers and establish trust with them. Depending on the quality of content and service you offer, these new customers will be confident in you and your business and will likely check your site again or patronize you. 

How do you do SEO on blockchain content?

Blockchain SEO is as important as other forms of SEO and there are key things you must do to ensure it’s effective. You can start with keyword research and leverage on it. With this, you can get both short-tail and long-tail keywords that target the crypto and blockchain industry. You can also use both internal and external links within the content of your site and if done properly with quality backlinks, it will improve your search results.

More importantly, you will need to create good and resourceful content to back up your efforts and also improve your site’s load speed. 

How can we help you drive more sales with Cryptocurrency SEO?

Making cryptocurrency SEO work for you is no easy task and while you might be able to pull a few strings together, you’ll need an expert to help you get effective results. 

At TrafficBox, we have a competent team that comprises Content Writers, Link Builders, Site Analyzers, and SEO Strategists who will work together to improve your SEO rank. With quality SEO for your site, you will be able to reach your target audience and make more sales faster than before.