Email Click-Through Rate: What It Is And How To Improve It

Email marketing will never become old fashioned only the way it is done. Emails are one among the most effective ways of communicating with clients and prospects. Doing it right hence becomes even more important.

So how is one to measure the success of an email marketing campaign? The answer is simple. It is done using the email click-through rate, the number of users clicking on the link or call to action after receiving your email against the total recipients.

Increasing the email click-through rate is not too difficult. Here are seven ways to improve the click-through rate on your emails without making your pockets lighter.

Test your Subject

The subject is the most important part of your email. It can be a make or break situation depending on the attractiveness of your subject.

Use A/B testing to make sure the subject line is attractive. There is no easy way to know what your target audience will respond to so test it out. Try two to three different types of subject. And be flexible enough to change it if it stops working.

Less is more

Keep your content crisp and precise. No one likes to open a long email that makes no sense. Remove all the unnecessary items from that email.

Flaunt your Handles

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website, or social media page and emails are one of them. Make sure your social media handles are visible on the email.

Also, make the content easily shareable on social media. People love to tell their friends about exciting offers, but they are also lazy. So make it as simple as possible.

Customize and Personalize your Content

Segment your email list and create customised content for each segment. This is guaranteed to improve your click-through rate.

Also, there are many free tools to personalise emails by addressing the prospect with their name instead of a generic Sir/ Madam.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Any good campaign, be it online or offline must have a call to action. Make sure your email has that too. It can be as simple as a link to buy or the address to your store to visit but make sure you have a call to action.

Make it Urgent

In today’s day and age, everyone has a short attention span and an even shorter memory. The trick is to make your value proposition so urgent that the user is compelled to proceed with the call to action immediately.

Always Mobile Optimize

70% of users check their email on their phone. People are on the go most of the time, and hence it becomes an absolute necessity to mobile optimise your content. There is nothing more turning off than scrolling the read the message.

Mobile optimising email content is not very difficult. There are many free tools available that help you with the process and help you increase your email marketing efforts.