benefits of email marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing and Why You Must Build Your List

Email marketing is the most modern approach to spreading news of any product or service; Email marketing may be defined as the communication between the buyer and the seller through the medium of Email.

These emails tend to be broadcasted to only a list of people. Through data analysis, these companies find the people who might be interested in their service or product and contact them through email.

Agrees With Your Wallet

Email Marketing has a major benefit for society. Unlike its predecessors, this marketing strategy doesn’t involve any kind of tangible material like paper or cloth to be printed on. Instead, this is distributed on the internet, specifically through Email.

This is one of the cheapest forms of marketing, involving minimal expenditure on the medium. Once this restriction is lifted more funding can be provided to the marketing pitch and thus a better quality is yielded.

Purpose of Listing

The whole strategy of email marketing is to target a specific audience. Marketing firms take a whole range of data to form a list of potential customers. In the modern age, it is much easier to collect and assimilate data.

These firm use data from the site we visit the Facebook pages we like to identify clients. This technique eliminates non-potential buyers. For example when a person likes the Facebook page for the burger house near them; the marketing guys will understand his affinity for fast food.

They will then help him locate more and maybe better options for burgers. The biggest advantage of this strategy is data analysis. After forming a list of potential customers the merchants can track the success rate of the marketing strategy.

They can directly see the integration users have had for with this particular strategy and then accordingly augment it, for a greater success rate.

Types of Mails

There are primary two types of emails sent by these firms.

The first type is Transactional Emails. Whenever we act on the internet and the service provider has to confirm the action, they send an email. The simplest example would be a bank transaction.

After making the transaction, a person will receive an email notifying him of the transaction along with the status. This happens to be a very curtail interaction between the client and the merchant. The merchant appropriately uses this platform to notify the customer of other services that they might be interested in.

The second type is Direct message. Once a customer has bought a service the company notifies them of other products or services they might be interested in. This is done by sending an email whose primary content is such. Though these emails are sometimes blocked as spam, they are simply suggestions for things that you, the client might like.


This is the first of its kind as Email Marketing is a private system. In contrast with the other forms of marketing, this strategy is based on specific people as opposed to whoever happens to view the advertisement.


Maybe with the rise of AI, we will receive these direct messages tailored to our specific personality and the events in our lives. A future where your phone reminds you to buy new shoes, as it knows how you use them and how old they are; that future isn’t too far.