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How to Write Content That Drives Daily Web Traffic

Are you a blogger? Looking to drive more traffic on your blog? Then read this information carefully because we are revealing some secrets in order to raise daily web traffic easily.

Content writing is the backbone for every single blog. Unique and informative content always grab more & more traffic to the page. Sometimes you get frustrated because even after publishing a unique content your blog unable to grab visitors.

Writing an article is not enough for this, in order to raise the number of visitors there are several things which you need to be focused in the writing zone. In short, writing is an art and this art is a gift from God to selected people but you can polish your skills by practicing and reading some useful information available over the internet.

The next question which surely comes in your mind would be:

What are the key points to be considered while writing content for a blog?

Ah! This is one of the most common or you can say popular question among bloggers throughout the internet. Every single person wants to know basics about writing content which grabs more visitors to a blog.

Below are some helpful guidelines; after following this you can surely raise the level of traffic on your blog.

Always create short paragraphs

Readers/Visitors always looking for some useful information on blogs, a long paragraph in an article are going to bore your visitors. Design your content in such a way that; a reader could find out useful information easily.

Share Your Experience

Writing an eye-catchy article has no rocket science at all, it just needs little concentration & attention from a writer.

In order to give a magical touch in your article, you should add some real-life experiences. Readers/visitors want to read true stories, experiences and similar things. Normally, writers do not focus on this simple thing. They just generate a piece of article by collecting information from here & there.

In order to give a unique touch in every article, you must share something new. That’s why? Before assigning an article to a writer, every client asked about their interest zone, so that they can share some personal experience in an article.

So, always try to write those articles in which you have full command or knowledge.

Search Well

Before writing an article do some basic search & collect information from different sources. Remember one thing; always try to collect information from recent sources. Writing fluffy sentences has not worth at all. Visitors are looking for some reliable & valuable information. If you maintain quality then you can maintain your permanent visitors.

Eye-Catchy Heading

Either you believe it or not? This is one of the most important parts in writing an article. If you write an informative, well researched, SEO optimized article without proper heading then believes me your article is just a piece of shit.

Always try to generate eye-catchy and attractive title which reflects readers mind. If you get success in writing an attractive title then believe me; you can’t handle the number of visitors on your blog.

SEO Optimized

Search engine optimization is an essential element in order to rank your article in Google. There are lots of writers that do not focus on specific keywords. Google likes SEO optimized articles. So, always use optimum % level of keywords in every article. In an SEO optimized content several things to be considered:

  • Optimum % level of the Main keyword
  • Keyword in Title
  • Appropriate use of long tail & short tail keywords
  • H1, H2 & H3 headings
  • Try to present information in bullet points
  • An article must be over 500+ words

Write appropriate meta-tags

Many people do not concentrate on this part because they don’t even know the magic of this function. After writing content, write one or two lines for meta-tags that completely reflect the information given in this article.

After analyzing the heading/title, visitors focus meta-tags. If they find relevant information in it when they click on the link. So, you need to focus on the title and Meta tags because these two options could help to raise the level of traffic on your blog.

Add some emotions

Emotions are the only thing which attracts more and more visitors. Always try to add some real emotion in the article, it means to try to write when are facing ups & downs of the life. People love to read real live incidents, true stories & experiences. If you write an article with emotions and sentiments then you could make real readers and visitors all the time.


In order to increase daily web traffic, you need to write beyond the limits. Writing and ordinary articles do not help to grab more and more traffic on your blog because most writers do not want to leave their comfort zone. Writers want to make money by creating a normal content with no extra feelings.

As we mention above that “Content is a King” and that high-level content could only be written by a passionate or God gifted writer. Assembling words for making content is a tricky job, but it could be simple when you love this field.

So, don’t waste your time on ordinary articles. Plan something big & unique so that you can enjoy more traffic on your blog.