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Boost Instagram Marketing as Fitness Professionals

The world has gone digital and every business that wants to thrive in its industry today would never ignore the impact of the internet. It has been shown that about 80% of users follow at least a brand on Instagram and at least 30% have purchased products from Instagram.

Instagram marketing as a fitness professional requires the right strategy to enable a productive result and this is beyond just writing fitness content on Instagram.

Most of the B2B professionals might be present on Instagram and you have a good opportunity to find the email address of your prospects on their Instagram profile and connect with them easily without much effort.

Below are some ways to help you boost your Instagram marketing as a fitness professional:

Switch to a Business Profile

The business profile has more creative features compared to the personal profile. If maximized well, these features- including the contact button, insights, and adverts- would benefit your business in many ways. The contact button allows your customers to contact you directly outside Instagram; this could be via an email or a phone call.

The insights let you see how your posts perform per time and the number of engagement each post gets. It also gives you detailed demographics of your followers and lets you know the most productive time of the day to make a post. With the advert feature, you can promote your business to a wider audience at any given time.

Identify your Goals and Objectives

If you do not map out your plan from the beginning, you might get lost along the line and not see yourself making a headway. Your goals and objectives should cover what you hope to achieve with the Instagram account, the kind of content you intend to display on your feed, how often you intend to post, and if you are looking to create a community or not. Knowing all these would guide you through the journey of Instagram marketing.

Consistent Quality Posting

Being consistent with your posts helps you engage your audience better. Take a lot of pictures of your food, meal prep, training sessions and so on and have great captions to match them. This helps you stay relevant to your followers. In addition to this is quality photos, as it not only nake your feed aesthetically pleasing but also creates the impression that you are deliberate about what you are doing.

Invest in Ads

While organic growth is a great way to build your business on Instagram, you still have to invest in ads to reach a wider audience. Instagram’s ads help you reach your target audience and also has an amazing visual layout and ad positioning, thereby making your ads almost difficult to resist. To get the best of ads, always be creative and try to include a promotion to attract more people. Including a CTA could also help ensure there is a positive outcome from the campaign.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags help people find your posts even when they are not following your page. There is a huge chunk of fitness content on Instagram and using the right hashtags could help you reach a more target audience.


Remember to show your passion and dedication to fitness through your posts and engage with your audience when necessary. These 5 tips, if maximized, can help boost Instagram marketing for fitness professionals.