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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

You would think that ‘digital agency’ is a redundant term, given that most of today’s advertising and marketing is done through a digital medium. The only reason why it’s still acceptable to call it a digital agency is because other traditional mediums still exist: TV, radio, print, and so on. Not only do these traditional mediums still exist but they also have somewhat of an impact. However, a digital agency is far different from a traditional one. Keep reading to find out more about digital agencies and their role in today’s marketing game.

It’s More Complicated Than It Seems

Literally, any company can call itself a digital agency. Unfortunately, the term has become an overused buzzword that no longer means what its supposed to mean. Oftentimes it is misused and it confuses people. Due to this issue, we believe it’s important to clarify what a digital agency really is. It will help shed some light on the current issues that real digital agencies face when put up against fake agencies. We believe that our audience should always be kept informed.

Traditional Agencies vs. Digital Agencies

Obviously, you can look up the definition of both types of agencies with a few clicks of a button. But that’s not what we’re trying to do here. We want you, our customer, to know what being a digital agency means to us. How the company shaped our views and how we shaped it into what it has become today.

Below, we have highlighted a few key differences between a traditional and a digital agency:

Traditional Agency

A trend we’ve seen throughout the years is that in most cases, a traditional agency is also known as a creative agency and vice-versa. Regardless of this interchangeable naming, a traditional agency is one that builds a marketing campaign that revolves around several offline distribution systems, such as TV, radio, and prints.

The vast majority of these companies rely on traditional creativity. This usually involves visual design more than anything else. Usually, an advert that you see on TV or read about in the paper has to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible for you to even consider reading what it’s about.

Oftentimes, the technical and functional aspects of a marketing campaign are left out by the traditional agencies. However, there are several traditional agencies that do employ various public relations techniques and even emailing techniques. Unfortunately, these agencies are not as common amongst their peers.

One of the biggest disadvantages of working with a traditional agency is the fact that these companies usually tend to create content for a broad range of industries. This means that if your company is trying to target a specific age group, a particular niche or something else that’s specific, it might not be able to do so through a traditional agency. If you’re looking for unspecific exposure, you should be able to see reasonable results for your investment.

Digital Agency

Just because we’ve said that traditional agencies focus more on the visuals and the design of your marketing campaign, it doesn’t mean that digital agencies don’t. The same amount of attention is dedicated to these aspects, together with a few more advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of digital advantages is the fact that they focus on the functionality of their campaigns as well. This offers hiring companies an advantage when it comes to showcasing their brand. A digital agency will have more assets at its disposal to ensure that the campaign is as successful and as efficient as possible.

When it comes to focus, a digital agency goes beyond aesthetics and design. An important factor in every digital marketing campaign is the user experience. This is something that every digital agency knows very well. If the target user isn’t happy, the campaign won’t be successful. Because today’s technology allows users to use various devices and platforms to surf the Internet, it’s essential that their experience with your ads is as pleasant as possible.

In order to offer the best marketing solution, a digital agency works in multiple fields, such as search engine optimization (SEO), digital and content marketing, responsive web design, etc. This, paired with disseminating the ads on various platforms, including social media platforms, makes up for a successful campaign that is not just visually appealing. It will also lead to the growth of your business.

Unlike traditional agencies, most digital agencies look to specialize themselves in a specific area, niche, or business type. Some agencies even specialize themselves based on various age groups. A specialized digital agency is able to recruit employees with specific talents and skills. This further allows them to gain momentum in the marketing game by being focused on a single area of expertise.

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to ignore the importance of tapping into the digital side of marketing. This has led marketing agencies to aim to be somewhere between creative and digital.

The Digital Upper Hand

Digital agencies know the importance of investing in technology. This doesn’t just refer to publishing advertising content on various platforms. It also refers to the fact that these agencies invest in skilled people: web designers, data programmers, digital marketing experts, and so on. Their combined skills will easily put your marketing campaign ahead of the competition. The variety of content that these experts can create is virtually limitless.

As a company, we believe in providing our customers with a fully customizable experience. By keeping a close relationship with our clients, we are able to create a strategy that revolves around your needs. We ask for your trust and we deliver projects that are specialized, efficient, and customizable if the need should arise.

Digital Statistics You Need To Know About

Several studies have been conducted in the field. We have extracted the most valuable information that we believe will help you make the right decision:

  1. More than 60% of users are unlikely to come back to a mobile website if the website has technical problems
  2. Approximately 30% of Americans prefer to engage with brands on social media rather than through their storefronts
  3. Marketing emails that contain a personalized subject line are opened 26% more often than others
  4. Almost 90% of customers believe that brands need to invest more into creating a better and more consistent customer experience

These results show us pretty much what we already know: we need to offer a consistent mobile experience to our users. We must create a social media presence for our clients. We have to value the target users. User experience is still the most important aspect of digital marketing.

Why You Need To Choose A Digital Agency

People are becoming more tech savvy each day. They spend more time online and less time spending their money in physical locations. This is why you should be looking for a digital agency that offers a full range of services. If your company is lacking a social media presence, optimized content, an email marketing strategy, or something else that’s related to digital marketing, it’s time to reach out to a digital agency.

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