startup event

5 Steps to Starting A Free StartUp Event

A startup event has manifold benefits for the entrepreneurs including:

  • Reaching to the public directly
  • Displaying its products/services and the USPs in the most charming and attention gathering way
  • Letting people know that the company is socially responsible and ethical
  • Being the “gem of the eye” of the investors and stakeholders alike

A start-up event that is promotional in nature is also a controlled and well-monitored way to distribute your branding messages, information, and marketing gimmicks across print and digital media.

The events can be very important for a young company that seeks to create a foothold in the competitive market. There are also the “survey” and the PR events that help a company know the public/customer opinion and create a product/service line that excels the customer aspirations.

If you want to create and implement a successful startup event, here are the steps to it.

Have Clear Set Of Objectives And Goals In Mind

Different events require different kinds of messages and event themes. For instance, if you wish to launch a new product through the event, distribution of free samples will be the desired marketing gimmick.

If you want to increase the sales, a model or a known public figure narrating the USPs of the product would be a great way to get the attention of the customers. Do adequate research and brainstorming before you actually commence on the event planning, so that you can incorporate all the essentials.

Lay Adequate Stress On Social Media

It is important to link the event with social media, so that the information spreads across the customer and stakeholder base, easily. Emails, Facebook posts, Twitter Hashtags and the Instagram countdowns all bring the required digital highlight on the event and help you reach the desired customer base that can actually buy your product/service or receive the message you wish to spread.

The “Press” Involvement

You should not underestimate the importance of the digital and print “press” which is so crucial in turning the consumer tide in your favor. A well-crafted press campaign can make your product/service immensely popular and a heartthrob among millions. Your earlier acquaintances in the digital media and the new ones that are the new consumer favorites should be specially invited. Be sure to do the follow-ups, and send the additional free passes, so that the most noticeable and popular of journalists, bloggers and digital content experts are there at your event.

Be Ready For The Unexpected

Be sure to overcome any kind of disturbance that might arise during the event, as many-a-times the best of parties have been spoiled by circumstantial foils. Hire a security guard service, and see to it that the event does not get disrupted because of a hail, storm, rain or any other natural phenomenon.

Creativity is Essential

Give sometimes towards planning the minutes of the event. Music can enhance the mood of the guests and can also gather scores of bystanders. The theme of the event can be aided by the popular shows (for instance a model show, a puppet show, a health show, a tarot card reading show and the like).

The event should be able to create favorable ripples even after it is over. For that to happen, you should stress on every moment of it to match the guest and media liking, while also spreading your message in an imaginative and easy-to-understand way. A start-up can get a loyal and humongous customer base through a well-planned event also if it has checked in the right areas. You can hire an expert and certified event planning service as well, to have the professionals creating the right pitch for you.